Is creationism considered a valid theory in today's modern scientific community?

  • Many scientists are Christian.

    Yes, creationism is considered a valid theory in today's modern scientific community, because it is a valid way to use logic to explain the existence of life. Evolution is harder to believe, because they have never found the missing link, or documented changes in species over time. Creation is more logical, even on a scientific basis.

  • Medically Not by Religion

    I believe people could still believe a form of creationism is possible, but they would have to dump everything they think they have learned in the Bible. The only way this would be possible is if another race of beings, namely aliens, created us and left us here. Of course they would have had to have done this through breeding or genetics and they would have had to have been far more advanced than we are today. Otherwise, creationism, as presented in the Bible, doesn't stand up at all in today's modern scientific community.

  • It is not a valid scientific theory.

    The entire idea of creationism is completely against everything that is science. While it is completely okay to believe in creationism, science is a study of things ground completely in fact, and creationism just can not be proven. There is no hypothesis that can be drawn up to test that could prove or disprove the theory.

  • Creationism is a fraud.

    No matter how you put it into context, there is nothing about creationism that would be considered a valid theory. Creationism is basically saying "Oh, we don't yet have complete information on how something happened, so let's agree magic happened!" That's about as scientific as saying that the stork delivers babies.

  • LOL, hell no.

    I added the LOL to my title as creationism is a joke and deserves all the criticism it gets. There is absolutely no scientific evidence for creationism or intelligent design. Its sad really as all creationists try do is disprove evolution. What they don't realize disproving another theory does not make there theory correct. You have to prove your theory for it to be considered correct and creationists cannot do that.

  • No, Evolutionism is the theory behind biological history.

    Evolutionism, the idea that evolution is the cause for our existence and not intelligent design by a higher power, is widely accepted among most, if not all, mainstream scientists of today. While there is still much debate over many details, the fact remains that Evolution is most likely true, thereby making creationism most likely false.

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