• "Old earth creationism"

    I agree saying the earth is 6,000 years old is a lie, the earth is billions of years old, but mankind as a species is only 6,000 years old. Why is it that recorded history starts around 4,000-4500 BC? If humans are an intelligent species that have been around for 100000 years why did it take us so long to learn how to write words down?? I mean if you read the bible in context, and understand world history, it all lines up.

  • Roses are red, Violets are blue, Creationism is Pseudoscience...So is Evolution too.

    Creationism is a major fallacy and inconsistency in the history of science. Creationists insist that we were created by intelligent design, sometimes referred to as God, but I have a humongous problem with this claim. Christian creationists base their idea of creationism on the Bible in Genesis, the first chapter in the Bible located in the Old Testament. Genesis states that God created man in his own image and likeness, yet I wonder if that's the case and that appears to be true how come God has created so many thieves, rapists, murderers, cheaters and other evil people? Creationists seem to be unable to answer this stimulating question because they don't know the answer yet they don't want to admit it. I don't get any of this and I find it very odd and unusual because this question hasn't been answered by the adherents of the creationist community. I used to be a former adherent to the theory of evolution set forth by Charles Darwin but it's been a while since I dismissed that description of the beginnings of life too. If evolution turns out to be a fact how come monkeys don't change into humans?

  • What a stupid question

    Creation's primary source of 'evidence' is a 2,600 year old, pre-scientific book, and non-religious (or in this context, non-biased) believers in Creation simply do not exist. People only believe in creation because it makes their faith seem more concrete and real; and they simply dodge facts and make things up if the evidence doesn't suit their beliefs.

  • No not science!

    Science uses the scientific method to prove or disprove a hypothesis. Creationism is ideas brought up through scripts from the Bible. Darwin's scientific theory of evolution, has been proved through the scientific method over and over again. That is why it is called a theory. Creationism is not proven through the scientific method, so it is definitely not science!

  • Creationism is not real science, there is virtually no scientific proof of it.

    I don't believe that creationism is real science. There is virtually no scientific proof to back anything that creationists say up. I think that most of what they believe is just fiction - a really nice little story. On the other hand, there are many facts that can back up evolution. Creationism is at the opposite end of that spectrum.

  • It's interesting, but it's not really science.

    I'm one of those that finds the whole concept fascinating, but I ultimately do not believe that it is science. For starters, it seems to ignore a lot of glaringly obvious evidence that supports certain things in mainstream science. For another, it seems that the whole idea starts with the ideas contained within the texts of the Bible and related scriptural texts.

    It's interesting if you delve into some of their ideas, but it's not really science.

  • No, and it never has been.

    There's nothing in science books to even suggest that creationism is based on any type of real science. Creationism was made up by religious people that wanted people to believe that humans and dinosaurs roamed the earth together. Trying to make science magically fit into the Bible will never work, and shouldn't be encouraged.

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