• Schools outright reject creativity

    The only main subject in school that supports creativity is Math, English barely does any creative writing anymore and science and Social Studies are mainly based of of taking notes for quizzes. Due to this children aren't even interested in being creative and why people say things like "I'm not creative" despite the fact they haven't found their creativity yet. The small percent of creative children are being taught to reject creativity, And the small percent who stay creative go to jobs requiring creative thinking, Making those work-spaces scarily barren. In order to keep our humanity we must introduce creative concepts to children in order to prevent a world with no creativity!

  • People are losing the ability to be creative.

    Creativity is in danger because we've become a society of texters and tweeters. The only way we communicate anymore is in phonetically spelled mono syllables and hash tags. Most of our focus seems to be on critiquing the latest episode of whichever weekly TV show we've become addicted to. The most creativity I've seen lately was on a cashier's finger nails - but they were gorgeous.

  • No danger for creativity

    I do not think that creativity is in danger. Creativity is a necessary part of life. The creative people are the innovators in technology and business. I have not seen any evidence on a large scale of someone trying to stifle people's creativity. A world without creativity is a world with no art, beauty or advancement.

  • Creativity is in the mind

    No, I do not believe that creativity is in danger. Creativity is found in the mind of people. It will always be present. That does not mean that it will always be accepted, but it is not in danger going away. As long as humans have existed there have been creativity or we would not have survived as long as we have to this day.

  • Creativity is thriving

    People are underestimating the level of creativity that is occuring in the world, because things like technology are supposedly acting as a crutch for creativity. The thing is, people are actually more creative because these tools givem them the potential to take on challenges that were never possible before now.

  • No, It's Not

    There is no reason to believe that creativity is somehow in danger. Creativity is an unstoppable force that will always be present in humanity. We see the results of creativity everyday and in places you would least expect it. Most of the things you use, look at, read, watch are all based in creativity.

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