• Creativity is suppressed by knowledge.

    Creativity is suppressed by knowledge. When people tell other people that they are smart and that they wish that they knew all the things that the other person knows, that makes the other person that is considered smart to only focus on being smart and not on doing fun things like being creative.

  • You need knowledge to be creative.

    While there is a danger of relying too much on what exists and not thinking outside the box, it is difficult to be creative without a basis to start with. Our highly specialized world could have only existed if it wasn't for the knowledge foundations set a long time ago. Likewise, you can only be as creative as how much already exists. Even if you have a novel idea, you had to have some reason for having it in the first place, which requires knowledge of something first.

  • Creativity Extends From Knowledge

    Creativity is the ability to create. Take the unicorn. It was created. The creator had the ability to create it so they must have been creative.
    Creativity is also the ability to apply patterns from one thing (or set of things) to another. But how did they create it? It looks like it started out as a horse but somehow it grew a horn. Can animals even have horns? Of course Rhinos do. So really the horn was taken from the rhino and put onto the horse.
    What is a horn anyhow? It is made of the same thing as hair. How is it actually different? The pattern. Horns and hair are different patterns of the same thing. So the creation of the unicorn is actually the movement of the horn pattern onto the horse. The horse is one thing and the rhino another. Thus we moved the pattern from one thing to another. This is an example and demonstration of creativity. Now I ask: If we took out the knowledge of the horn pattern and the horse and the rhino how could there be anything to create from?

    Say you only know of the horse and the rhino. You could create the unicorn. One creation. One isn't very creative if they can only create one thing. Now say they know the rhino, the horse, and ninety-eight other animals. You could give a horn to each of them and create ninety-eight new things. So you have a unicorn and ninety-eight creations. That is far more creative than before. The limit to your knowledge base is one more than the limit to you creativity. With a knowledge base of two you are limited to one creation. So the more you know the more you can create. Creation extends from knowledge and knowledge feeds creation.

  • Knowledge builds creativity.

    Knowledge can help build creativity. One gets better at things by learning and practice. Art, music, and other forms of creativity take talent, but they are also skills. You have to learn to play instruments even if you are good at it. You need to be able to write and spell to write a book or poem.

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