• Credentialism is elitism

    Credentials are only important to an extent, however an emphasis on credentials for employees without need for credentials is a way of creating a hierarchy, which favors those with the money and time to pursue credentials. By favoring those with credentials, there is less ability for those without credentials to get them. If one can prove to an employer, working knowledge, that should be sufficient. Credentialism is elitism.

  • Credentials Have Backing of Experience

    Credentialism isn't the same as elitism. Someone with experience and the proper employment can get a job with the right credentials from former supervisors. Elitism means one person gets the job no matter what their credentials or no matter how good another candidate is on paper. At least with credentials, someone else can vouch for another person.

  • No, it's not

    When I meant elitism in my previous question, I wasn't talking about elite as in the best. I meant elitism as in an attitude of exclusion, like we saw during Jim Crow, the English and Danish empires, etc. Usually exclusion, and in some cases harassment of other people for reasons such as their race, religion. That's what I mean by elitist or elitism.

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