• It's cheaper and better for the Earth

    Cremation is better than burial for two reasons. First, it is cheaper. This spares loved ones excess financial cost at a time of grieving. Second, it is better for the Earth. There is a rapidly decreasing amount of space in which to bury the dead, and so cremation is more respectful to those still around.

  • It is better.

    Whether cremation or burial is better for an individual is a personal choice, but cremation is better in many ways. It is better for the environment. Bodies don't take up space when they are cremated and don't leech formaldehyde and things into the ground and water. It is also generally cheaper.

  • Yes, cremation is better.

    I definitely think that cremation is a better option for people than burial. I think that not only is cremation cheaper for families and people, it is also a lot quicker. There are just way too many things in involved in the process of trying to buring a loved one.

  • No, it is not.

    I do think that people should be buried. But buried in a certain way as the astrophysicist Neil Tyson wants. We should be buried without a casket so we can sort of give back to the earth after we have been eating off of it all of our lives. Perfect.

  • No, It's Not

    I do not believe cremation is a better option than burial. I believe it simply just another option, neither should be viewed as superior to the other. Burial is often a tradition that families follow from generation to generation, so families should seek out what is common in their family and also address their own perceptions. People shouldn't base their decisions on what outsiders think.

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