• Mosf Crime is supporting human rights.

    Every single law, is infringeing upon some or multiple rights of yours. Usually for moral or arrogant reasons, the law is in place.
    Drugs laws are against the right of freedom, right to life, right to liberty, and right for peaceful assembly. Marijuana has never been proven to have any side effects leading to life threatening or chronic conditions. Actually, most accusations against it are completely the opposite. It enhances brain function, creates and strengthens cells while killing viral or cancer cell on contact.
    Cocaine & Amphetamine increase your I.Q by a MINIMUM of 4 I.Q points after 30 days of use that does not exceed 60mg per day. They enhance your working, long term and episodic memory, while increasing flow of thought and making new connections.

    Stealing Money? Stealing a banks money, while illegal doesn't really effect any one. Bank Notes or "Money" is useless as people know it as. Its simply an I.O.U nobody trades in. So when a robber robs $1 Million worth of $100 bills, he's really just stealing the $1,000 of paper it costs to produce the money. The bills are almost always series bills, !Eanjng they can't be used for large transactions as the serial numbers are way to close for chance. So the corporation in charge of the U.S Dollar (F.R) just prints more moeny, while the dollar goes up for a few days because now less legal bank notes represent the amount of currency (Gold,Oil, or Diamond) that the U.S Owns.

  • Stability leads to Economic Growth leads to Happy People

    Following laws creates a stable environment that rewards investment and productivity -- it leads to maximizing the utility (both economically and ethically). As a result, there is actually an inherent ethical cost to breaking laws -- even dumb ones (though whether this intrinsic cost outweighs the benefits depends on the law and circumstances).

  • Laws are made to be followed

    I agree the some laws are not explained or simply do not seem to make sense, like the non legalization of some drugs, in my opinion on that topic I think it should be done a study and government control for the release of those drugs. Yet it doesn't justify you are being "correct" while using the drugs in a country it isn't allowed, laws are made to support the society and create an uniform line of coexistence among all citzens, also ANY change requires at least several bureaucratic acts; the point is if you start direspecting some law just because it doesn't make sense for you, you're ignoring the state's decision, which has evolved for several decades trying to make life "fairer" (not saying government is good, but the society always call for justice, resulting in a democracy more fair as the time passes). So if you calls for change in your country, you should try doing it in a legal way, creating campaigns, manifests, politic projects or whatever; otherwise you're just being one more that doesn't contribute for the progress of society.
    About stealing money, I entirely disgree. Think by this side, several workers work hard to support their respectives families and suddenly they find themselves without nothing, because some individual stole their money, would the bank heal the debts? I also think issue more coins could haywire the inflation and create another problems. So for me robbing unbalances the money control and the society in general.

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