Is crime reduced more by innovative community programs (yes) or increased police presence (no)?

  • Yes, crime is reduced more by innovative community programs.

    Any social theorist worth their weight in salt can tell you that increased police presence in a community does nothing but breed further suspicion and distrust. A truly innovative community program, on the other hand, can help foster the kinds of communal bonds that act as a natural stop-gap for criminal behavior, thus strengthening the community and increasing social stability.

  • Crime is reduced more by innovative community programs.

    Crime is reduced more when a community is brought together and this is exactly what innovative community programs aim to do. Increasing police presence won't do anything but make the community divided, when this happens criminals seize opportunities to commit crimes. By creating a sense of togetherness the community will look after one another.

  • If they are actually helpful community programs...

    The vast majority of community programs are unheard of. A lack of "marketing" is to blame for that. Also, the people who start the programs are usually disconnected from the people who need the programs. They don't understand many of the technicalities that prevent participation. I live in a city where crime in the urban areas is ridiculous. Police presence there is heavy, yet crime gets worse...That alone proves to me that it doesn't really matter if they are there or not. Most people will get put in jail, be released, and become a re-offender easily. There are many things wrong with crime heavy areas the reasons why they remain that way, but police presence seems to do nothing but agitate those areas. It does nothing to fix it in my opinion.

  • Increased police presence reduces crime more than innovative community programs.

    To commit a crime, a criminal needs three things: the means, the motive and the opportunity. Community programs, however innovative they may be, do not impact on any of these requirements. Increased police presence, on the other hand; disrupts the criminals means, by reducing the availability of weapons and drugs, etc; lessens the motive, by acting as a deterrent and denies the opportunity through increased vigilance.

  • Law enforcement is always needed.

    Community programs may help reduce crime but not by much. Most of society is not into most of the programs that they have to offer, and people would rather use their time doing something else. But since it's not an option to have police, it is a requirement that applies to everybody.

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