• Criss Angel is an offensive person.

    Criss Angel is an offensive person. He has made rude remarks during his shows that are very offensive to others. He has let his celebrity status go to his head on most occasions and said anything that he wanted to say without the fear of consequences. He has even belittled his own talent and sold products in stores.

  • He is outlandish.

    Yes, Criss Angel is an offensive person, because of the way he presents himself. Criss Angel needs to take a shower and put on some clean clothes. He prides himself on offending people, and being outside the mainstream. He is offensive because he intends to be offensive. He also uses this persona as his way to make a living.

  • Criss Angel is not an offensive person.

    Criss Angel is a magician from a certain sub culture who appeals to a certain sub culture. Just because he may not appeal to everyone's tastes does not make him offensive. It just makes him different, and it certainly doesn't take away from his extraordinary magic abilities, which have rightfully earned him many accolades.

  • A Provider of Entertainment

    I do not believe that Criss Angel is an offensive person. I do not believe he represents mainstream America, but he is what some people want as a form of entertainment. I believe he provides what sells best in his industry and he does this for profit. I don't think that makes him offensive, he's just got his eye on the money.

  • No he is not.

    I do not find Criss Angel to be a particularly offensive person. I don't really enjoy his magic or his style but I don't find him offensive either. He seems nice enough, so I am not really sure why someone would find him offensive. Unless I have missed something, which has been known to happen.

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