• Yes it seems to be.

    Although I have never and would never work for Walmart, it seems that where there is smoke there is fire. And there have been enough complaints from workers about hiring practices that keep hours low and promotions distant that I think we have to believe them especially with profits being so high for the company.

  • Ask The People Who Work There

    I believe the criticism of Wal-Mart's hiring practices is fair. Wal-Mart does more to harm the American community than it does to help it, yet they get away with it because they are so large, and quite frankly, so powerful. Wal-Mart under pays the people they do hire, but the hiring process itself isn't kind to the job seeker either. They also seek out people who afford the company more tax breaks, favor those who may not need a job over those who do. A person could write a book about this topic before all of the problems were covered.

  • Criticism of Walmart's hiring practices is fair.

    In a free society, it is acceptable to criticize public companies like Walmart. Even if there is nothing wrong with their policies, it is acceptable for a company to be scrutinized by investigators. Walmart should be more transparent about their hiring in order to win public opinion in their favor.

  • They give people chances.

    No, criticism of Walmart's hiring practices is not fair, because Wal Mart does a lot of good by hiring people with disabilities. No matter how much or how little a person is capable of, there is a place for them at Wal Mart. Shoppers also like to see persons with disabilities being hired. The criticism is not fair.

  • You can't satify everyone all the time

    No, I do not believe the criticisms that befall Wal-mart's hiring practices are all fair. I think that some of the noise that was brought was valid points, but don't believe that all of the retail stores had the same practices. In reality, it would matter if the company did everything they was supposed to or not there will always be a problem because someone did not get what they should have.

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