• They kill us

    They kill many people just like that.So we cant kill those dirty creatures and people who are killing i encourage them to kill those creatures.Here is idea to you if you are suffering with crocodile attack heat them on eye because it is its weak point.Crocodile killing is good!
    Thank you

  • They kill people

    Just imagine it guys, You having a wonderful time with your friends in a place with water and suddenly you fell a great amount of force push you deeper into the water and you reach down and feel a huge scaly piece of flesh. Next minute, Your getting devoured and ripped by the arm by a 4 METER crocodile. The people who are saying its a bad thing, They haven't experienced the horrifying feeling.

  • Yes, for dangerous, aggressive species, such as saltwater crocodiles

    We need to be able to hunt those species until they learn how to fear humans. However, if they learn not to fear humans after being hunted, they must be hunted down until they can be managed by a zoo or a crocodile farm. If we kill crocodiles, it would be a waste to put their skin and meat to disuse.

  • They kill so many of us.

    These disgusting creatures kill so many humans as well as a huge number of pets and livestock. I understand that they have their own habitat, but if someone enters that habitat they don’t deserve to die. No creature should be allowed to murder humans who have done nothing wrong and get away with it. They should be culled.

  • Kill them all


  • Kill them or we get killed

    Those dumb crocks have been hunting humans for years and can can't kill them well I say America is a dumb place sometimes. Think of it this way eather kill them or let us be killed would u risk your life for one of those monsters let me answer for you NO! THOSE THINGS DESERVE TO DIE WHOS WITH ME EATHER KILL THEM OR BE KILLED BY THEM thank you for reading this and plz think about this YES IM TALKING TO YOU PRESEDENT FIX THIS GOD DANG PROBLE AND KILL THEM ALREADY

  • They kill us

    We should kill each and every one of those fuckers. Just imagine a worlds without any crocodiles, you can go to beaches (yes there are saltwater crocodiles) rives and lakes with no fear. Just imagine a world where nobody can be harmed by those vicious, dangerous beasts, fave it, all of you guys that are supporting crocidiles are fucking fake. You know the world would be better without them but you just dont wanna say it because you think because you say "Save the crocidles" that the crocodiles will magically "spare" your life if you ever do have an encounter with them. SO SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU BITCHES

  • Think of it

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  • Crocodile Hunting Necessary

    Crocodile populations can get out of hand in certain areas. In this case, crocodile hunting is a positive thing that protects human beings from these animals. They're prone to attacking humans in their environment, and we shouldn't leave ourselves open to such predators. In the end, such hunting is necessary.

  • Crocodile Hunting is Good if Done Carefully

    I believe that crocodile hunting is a good thing as long as it is managed properly. When hunting crocodile, like with any other game, we must consider how many crocodiles can be taken before the population is not able to support itself. However, if done properly, hunting crocodile should be fine as crocodile's can provide meat, skin products, and can help manage crocodile populations.

  • Think About It

    Alright, so it's like this, right? If a crocodile attacks you, it should be killed? Really? Let's put it like this. Let's say your best friend has a dog named Bob. If Bob bites you, should Bob be killed? Crocodiles and dogs both have brains, hearts, legs, teeth. They're both animals. I'm not saying that crocodiles will snuggle up on your lap and lick your face or anything, but it's like the dog situation. Bob bit you, fine. You don't know what his personality is. And even he IS a grumpy dog, you still shouldn't kill him.

  • Don't kill them

    You shouldn't kill them because they have the right to live in their own habitat. If you kill them in their own environment then that's not fair as it is their home, it's exactly the same as if they came into your home. So don't go into their habitat and kill them.

    From a student aged 10 yrs.

  • I'm sure crocodile hunting is a horrible thing because there are about 7billion people in the world right now

    If you look at the worlds current population there is a lot and the birth rate is about 20thousand higher then the death rate in the world. If you think it is good I don't think you are a good thing at all. You could ask almost any one and they should say that it is a horrible thing.

  • Of course not!!

    Crocodiles should not be hunted. Every living being has the right to live. Poachers just kill them for money. And, if you are talking about that crocodiles kill human beings just like that, you are quite wrong. Studies have proved that crocodiles are not a threat to humans unless we hurt them. STOP THE KILLING!!

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  • Noo! There living creatures

    Crocodiles in their habitat should not be seen as a threat but more for their important role in the river ecosystem to ensure that rivers are functioning and well-balanced. Crocodiles are cold blooded animals and have a body temperature similar to the surrounding air, land or water. Though much maligned, crocodiles play an important role in wetland environments. They help keep the balance in the complex web of life in freshwater and estuarine ecosystems. They are supreme at the top of the food chain and eat a wide range of prey. They are also prey, when smaller, to other animals such as feral pigs, goannas, turtles, barramundi, sea eagles and even other crocodiles.
    Crocodile sight-seeing is one of the craziest experiences a human could possibly encounter. Headlines such as, world’s deadliest crocodile attacks; crocodile eats boy alive and Island besieged by deadly croc attacks mourns latest death. These stories would put you off ever coming close to a crocodile. People such as the gatorboys rescues crocodiles and take them back to their crocodile zoo (meaning they will not be harmed or in danger) crocodiles are majestic creatures, not killers. They shouldn't just be killed for handbags and shoes, or served meat in restaurants but they should be able to live in the open. Hopefully they don't become extinct.

  • I am fat

    This is why mum doesnt love me. She left me when i was 4. I can't believe that i have to face this on my own. Why. Why can't i have a family. Its not fair. Thats why i turned to a life of crime. Peace out mates. Suck my ass.

  • Killing crocodiles,or Killing ourselves

    Killing crocodile is a serious crime.They eat us but do not we use them for our work.It is better if we mind our own buisness . Killing crocodile can also cause a irregularity and dismisses in the food chain or cycle. So we should make ourselves aware of crocodile attacks rather than killing them

  • Why would you take the life of a living creature just to earn money from it???

    Crocodiles don't attack unless they think humans are a threat. Some species of crocodiles are endangered, so why keep on killing them? They shouldn't just be killed for handbags and shoes, or served meat in restaurants but they should be able to live in the open. Hopefully they don't become extinct. :)

  • SAY WHAT dude

    Crocodilians are benificial and dont attack humans for no resaon. They keep the invasive bermuse python population down. And they are awesome! L:JHHHUYGHUYFYTHYHN*YRGUHNLOUBG&IOIBHO*GBIHUGVUBUYVYGSUYIHDYGBKHj∫çKΘÇÁHCNUHIKUNWKUDHIWKNDWBDHKWBDUYBD DYHDUWHNDO DIW DOWDWHDIWND WD WD D D D WDNWDD WD W D W D D WD NW WDWID W ID W D W DJWIDW D DWJ ID

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