• Crossfit is not a sustainable method of physical excercise.

    While Pushing yourself to the limit is the best way to get results, in the case of crossfit it's also a great way to get injured. I am an avid runner and lifter and initially thought its sounded like a great way to be competitive and fit - however, look at most routines and you'll realize they aren't healthy. Doing as many olympic lifts as possible in a short time means there's a lack of technique and makes it risky. Besides, you can become a crossfit trainer in a weekend, so while some may be 'professional' not all are. Look at the injuries that occur during the Crossfit Games. Besides, I've met crossfitters that pride themselves in the number of kipping pullups that struggle to complete a few proper standard ones. Crossfit isn't always what it appears.

  • No, it is healthy.

    No, CrossFit is not bad, because it is a good way for people to get into shape. CrossFit was developed by exercise professionals who know what they are talking about. It is a good way to tone a person's body, and develop overall fitness. It is not for the weak, but it is not bad.

  • No its not.

    CrossFit is a very good workout system for the human body. It motivates people to get fit and to get going and to obtain the body that they want. People say that crossfitters overdo it and overwork their body but with limitations and moderation, crossfit can change your life for the better.

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