Is current school curriculum job-oriented rather than focusing on personal development?

  • Students should be profiecient in both job and personal aspects.

    Yes, for the most part, school curriculum are based on what the student may decide to do post schooling. This type of focus detracts away from the personal development that students will need in order to be successful in business or whatever field he or she wants to enter. For a person to be successful, they must be able to communicate and work with others and in some cases it may be with people that are not necessarily likable. Personal development needs to be groomed into student just as much as job-oriented training.

  • There are no career classes

    The current school system lacks the classes required to focus on a single career unless you start taking college classes in high school. This makes the answer an easy one, and there should be little to no argument. Classes for dual credit are college classes too, and don't count as career classes in high school.

  • No, it is too theoretical.

    No, current school curriculum is not job-oriented, because school is mostly theoretical. At the high school level, very few students are actually trained for specific careers. The same is true for college students. School should be more career focused, so that students can find employment right after they graduate and enter the working world.

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