• Yes it is wrong

    Yes cursing is wrong, in the 10 commandments it is a sin. But i am an understanding person and if you hit your toe or something like that and you curse i have NO problem with it. I admit i curse sometimes but i never said that what i was doing was right. Yes EVERYBODY curses sometimes but it is still wrong. The real answer here is no cursing is wrong. If anybody thinks otherwise you are wrong.

  • Lack of Vocabulary

    I knew of a professor that once said that our youth uses profanity as a lack of a better word. That their mind set is more narrow and they've confined themselves to using curse words. There's also the fact that you can't interpret the meaning of the curse word at times. A woman bumps her toe and drops an f-bomb. Same lady one day wants an f-bomb of ice cream. Then one day in her life she drops the f-bomb at birth. How do you quantify each scenario? By how charismatic she was? Some people raise their voice simply out of disrespect to others, how does one know the meaning behind the f-bomb in such scenarios?

    Another point, it's not how you use the words, it's about how other people interpret the use. Words are meant to communicate between people (usually and of course you can sing and talk to yourself, but that's no different that talking in your head if no one's to hear, which isn't what this is about), meaning you need to take the other person into consideration. For those of you saying cursing is OK, when was the last time you went into a bad neighborhood of a different race than yours and explicitly use a derogatory term towards one of the individuals you did not know? Cursing is OK, no reason not to, right?

    As for if it's a sin or not, of course it is. We can start by defining a sin. To make it short, I'll paraphrase 1 John 3:4-6. It says that if you sin you are lawless and not abiding by Him is sinning. This tells us that if we do not abide by Him, we are sinning, easy enough, right? There are a couple of of passages in the Bible and one of 'em is Ephesians 4:29 "Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearers." Some others included are 1 Peter 3:10, James 3:9-12, Mathew 12:36-37. There's also the classic "Respect thy mother and thy father." Did your mother and father ever tell you not to curse? Not all parents perhaps, but I would like to believe most have.

  • It is evil or offensive by definition

    Curse is defined as either "invoke a supernatural power to inflict harm" or "offensive word or phrase". In both cases the intent is to harm or offend. There is never a time when we should intend to harm or offend carelessly.


    1a solemn utterance intended to invoke a supernatural power to inflict harm or punishment on someone or something:
    she’d put a curse on him

    [usually in singular] a cause of harm or misery:
    impatience is the curse of our day and age

    2 an offensive word or phrase used to express anger or annoyance:
    at every blow there was a curse

    3 (the curse) informal menstruation.
    1 [with object] invoke or use a curse against:
    it often seemed as if the family had been cursed

    (be cursed with) be afflicted with:
    many owners have been cursed with a series of bankruptcies
    2 [no object] utter offensive words in anger or annoyance:
    he cursed loudly as he burned his hand

  • Just like everything else, it depends

    I teach my kids that words in and of themselves are morally neutral. It is the context in which these words are used that makes them either appropriate or inappropriate. If I call a close friend who is comfortable with such language upset about something I have done and tell her the "I really f***ed up today," that word conveys a unique and dramatic meeting. Saying the same thing to my boss would be ill-advised (for many reasons). The problem with kids cursing is that they do not possess the judgement to assess appropriateness of questionable words and therefore should avoid them altogether until they are older.

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  • I Think Cursing is Wrong Beacues we Do Not Use That Language here it Hurts Alot of People & you Could get in Trouble.?

    Nobody Should Curse That is So Rude to Outers it is Not Nice I Agree With The Fact Nobody Should Use Any Curse Words At All I Don't Think it is Right To Say it Even Though it is Right For Rapes to Use it in a Song But Just Saying it Out Loud Or Yelling Saying it That's Wrong To Do.....?

  • Of f***ing course not.

    The practice of being offended by so-called "curse" words is not only ridiculous but positively immoral. It draws attention away from the idea that someone is trying to express and placing it on the way they are trying to express it, which is discriminatory and dangerous. As George Carlin famously put it: "No bad words. Bad ideas, but no bad words!"

  • Don’t listen to those Christian extremists who tell you cursing is a sin.

    I can't believe somebody commented that “cursing is wrong, in the 10 commandments it is a sin”. Jesus Christ on a fvcking bike, does the church expect us to moderate our language in order to avoid an eternity in Hell? Bugger me backwards, it seems like the church is being taken over by a bunch of Christian fundamentalists these days. Like St Peter is going to send you to Hell just because you swore? Fvcking rat’s c0cks, what a load of old b0llocks.

  • Their is no valid reason that one world should be forbidden while something else that means the exact same thing is okay.

    I believe the intentions behind what you say is what truly matters. Cursing people out is wrong, just like insulting someone is wrong. However, we don't forbid the word ugly. Their are multiple ways to use each and every word. I find something wrong with the fact that in today's society I can say "Oh s***!" and get in trouble and call someone ugly or stupid and most likely not face any consequences. My point being is, we shouldn't ban the words but the malice. Don't teach your kids that saying f*** is bad, teach them that saying f*** you is bad. I can't believe we're still raising people with this mindset that dirty words harms something whenever they are spoken.

  • Cursing is just another word

    No cursing isn't wrong, some people have the need to express themselves with types of words that are usually inappropriate for young children to hear. Sometimes there's that moment when you cannot find a better word than a swear, it fits so perfectly, especially when you get scared or hurt. The feeling of being stabbed in the leg... You have to let out the f-bomb! Nothing is wrong with cursing, just watch the language in public.

  • Freedom of Speech and Accidents

    There is nothing wrong cursing. Our great ancestors and for fathers have written into the greatest document in the world, the U.S. Constitution, the freedom of speech. Another thing is that many people get hurt and that's how they express their pain and it's by swearing. I mean hey, I'd cuss to if I broke my leg and I was under a large amount of pain.

  • It's part of the language

    Cursing excessively is wrong. But these are English words with plain and simple meanings. If the words can be used to express thoughts just like any other word, than cursing is fine. There's no reason to single out curse words as inherently negative. Any word directed in the right way can be just as harmful and deconstructive (or beneficial and constructive) if used in the right way.

  • There are no bad words. Only a bad way to use them.

    There is no reason for cursing to be bad. In fact it is a good way to take the anger out of yourself. I don't see a reason how it hurts other people? Or if you use to curse like a joke. And don't listen to the bible -,- listen to yourself. If you want to curse do it. It shouldn't harm anyone. The only way to harm someone is if your curse means an offense.

  • As a Christian, no.

    There is nothing in the Bible which would suggest that cursing is a "sin". However, it does caution believers from both "letting worthless things come from our mouths" and "leading others to stumble". I don't think that there is anything wrong with cursing from a moral standpoint. However, we should avoid it for the appearance it gives us in society.

    It's more about manners and less about morality...

  • Its part of our culture

    When it comes to being British there is the big cultural experience of heading down the pub for a cold one and with this on the T.V. in the pub there is normally sports on and from this when they watch things like this they use expletives to be able to express how exited they are or even how annoyed they are at the fact their team is losing. This shows that it is acceptable in a major part of the culture and to an extent making it part of the culture itself.

  • There's no good definition of curse words and lists are subjective.

    Therefore they don't exist except as constructs based on individual references and shouldn't be 'banned' because of what they are. Instead the phrasing and meaning should be monitored based on intent. There are dozens of ways to tell someone off, usually the ones without cussing are more hurtful overall because they contain meaning. The so called 'curse word' or 'swear' isn't important but the intent behind them.

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