Is cutting down trees, even though we need it so much, bad?

  • Yes it's bad!

    Even though you can replant trees... They still won't return to their dense climax state! Plus... Say you cut all the trees down in the world for 10 years... Where will the animals go? They need their natural habitat to breed and raise their young!!! It's kinda selfish that you aren't considering the helpless creatures that live in the forests!

  • Save trees now

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  • Are you wasting oxygen?

    Well when you cut trees you are losing oxygen because trees hold oxygen and homes to other animals or insects.


    1. Would you like it if your home was being chopped down for no reason?

  • Cutting down trees is not a good thing us as human need them

    Cutting down trees is like cutting down the things god created for us, and its not like we are the only ones that need them animals do also and we are destroying their homes what kind of humans would do that trees are important and like I said not just for us but for animals as well.

  • Yes it is bad

    As much as we need shelter we need oxygen even more and by cutting trees down we are only killing ourselves, others think in selfish ways and say "oh, well it's not gonna kill us but it could the next generation" not only are we killing ourselves but also other animals.

  • Yes it is bad

    As much as we need shelter we need oxygen even more and by cutting trees down we are only killing ourselves, others think in selfish ways and say "oh, well it's not gonna kill us but it could the next generation" not only are we killing ourselves but also other animals.

  • Why cut when we can recycle?

    I agree that it is wrong to cut down trees and that trees are necessary but I also agree that we need paper and wood and Other things. But we should be balanced . Trees mean oxygen, oxygen meens life. Too much cutting of trees makes our environment dirty and deserted. I think we should recycle our paper

  • We need trees

    If trees are gone that means no oxygen for us. People will start dying from lack of air . We already have air pollution which makes the air bad. So why keep cutting down trees, that is not a really smart thing to do. Even if you replant trees how do you if they are going to grow quick enough to restore the old ones. Trees grow over long periods of time .

  • We will die without them

    Trees help us breath and clear the pollution out of the air so that we don't get sick. It also is a place were animals can live away from us and be safe and not have to worrie about too many people trying to hunt them and kill them. Please PleopleStop Cutting Down Our Enviornment!

  • We need trees to live and breath

    We need trees to breath. Without trees we could potentially die because of lack of oxygen. Trees help to clean out the air. Trees can help us to live and if we cut them all down, what wold we have to breath? Without trees the only things of plant life would be flowers and other small things and could not clean all the carbon dioxide out of the air and eventually would kill us all out until we starved to death or had lack of air.

  • Ridiculous tree worship

    There is nothing wrong with cutting down trees. People have been doing it since the dawn of civilization. As long as people plant new trees for the old ones that they cut down, everything will be fine. Most of our oxygen comes from algae (up to 80% according to some estimates), yet I never see environmentalists making "save the algae" billboards. It's just a form of tree worship. It goes along with everything else that's wrong with irrational first world (Western) peoples; environment worship, child worship, woman worship, animal worship. It's ridiculous, it goes to ridiculous lengths and it needs to stop.

  • No, cutting trees adds oxygen to the atmosphere.

    Trees do NOT make oxygen through photosynthesis. They make sugar for their own use. A plant cell and animal cell are alike–both oxidize sugar. For every atom of oxygen split off using the sun’s energy, there is an oxygen atom recombined somehow, someday, either in the plant itself or in the cells of animals who eat the plant. Every carbon atom in a tree’s trunk converts to CO2 when the tree burns or rots, using the exact amount of excess oxygen released during the life of the tree. It’s the Conservation of Mass and Energy, a law of nature ignored by many in all the environmental ballyhoo. Mature trees not growing contribute NO excess oxygen. To add oxygen to the atmosphere we need to remove mature, crowded, and diseased trees and use them for lumber, thus making room for younger, faster growing trees. As long as the lumber is preserved there will be a net gain in oxygen. All the world's houses, utility poles, cross ties, etc. constitute a very large carbon sink. So do rain forests, but it is important to realize that any mature forest is in equilibrium, using exactly the same amount of oxygen that it produces.

  • Are people kidding me?!

    There is no problem with cutting down trees at all. The problem is with the lack of planting trees. Yes, trees play very important roles for our environment. But they are also very important for our economy and our way of life. They are also a renewable resource, so long as you remember to plant more trees after you cut them down. By doing that, we continue to get all that we need out of them, plus we ensure that they will be providing for us for long past the foreseeable future. But that also allows us to get what we need without delving into old growth habitats.

  • No it Is not!

    The thing people seem to not understand is that we need it very much so that if all the trees were gone we'd have no oxygen to breath from. Oxygen is one important element in our world, if you were to take that out then you'd be changing very many things. Trees do not need to be cut down not only because we need it, but so do animals, when you cut down a tree, you're taking away an animals home and family. They need a home for a family to keep their babies away from predators that would want to take that away from them. Same problem with humans, when you have a home your keeping YOUR babies away from predators, and when that's taken away from you, you get depressed and sad. Think of how the animals would feel if that was taken from them. Along with their home. Trees are of great importance to Earth, and mother nature. You take that away and EVERYTHING changes.

  • An opinion that you might want to hear.

    It's not really that bad. I mean, most of the things that we use is made from trees! But, I suggest that when you cut a tree, you should plant another one. It's for the good of the earth. Cutting trees is harmful, I admit, but it's for a good cause. Ex. Paper. Right? You can cut a tree, as long as it's legal and that you replace it with another one. You can never say that we can't cut trees. We still need trees to build our furniture. You might get the wrong idea that I want to cause a tree massacre. I'm actually a green girl and I love planting trees! Illegal logging is the bad thing, but what if you're actually a legal logger, get it? People out there, this is only an opinion, I hope you don't go out there and complain my opinion to the president. Ha Ha! I'm just kidding. Okay... I'm done sharing my opinion. Now, I want to see yours, I would love to hear it. Bye.

  • Lil' trees get chopped down leaving the animals to lose their habits!!!

    It is so cruel making the animals homeless. I am surprised that people are so cold blooded. I am really sorry for them. Being an aware citizen of Canada, I believe people should choose ACTION. I wish it was illegal and it must be banned. I am Khush and I want to raise my voice against these agencies

  • Do you want to live

    Humans are cutting more trees as we know it. We all know that trees are a great supply of needs in our life. But is it worth it? It not like if we never cut trees we will have no supplies. But if we don't cut at list 5 trees a month, our yards would be full of trees. If we do cut the trees a lot of animal and plant populations would dwindle. The people who use the forest as food and medicine, would die as well. So next time you think you're too young to help out forests, trees, plants, animals, and even humans you're wrong! :)

  • Yes its bad

    Why would you want to kill people by cutting trees down ,
    trees give us oxazine and we wont able to breath if people keep on cutting trees .
    I really don't want to dye and I'm only 5 years old , I want to make my dream true and be a doctor to save peoples life .
    I'm sure you don't want to dye !
    So please stop cutting trees down

  • No. That is because we need trees so much

    Surrendering trees means giving up coffee,anything electric,furniture, vanilla,chocolate,cinnamon,kleenex wipes,toilet paper,newspapers, other reading materials, and chemicals. Also cutting down trees provides for regeneration,improved habit for many species,maintains forest health,and helps us shape forests for the future. For forest owners, it does all this while providing revenue. That is why cutting down trees is good.

  • Trees are amazing

    They are the most beautiful thing in the world. Less help the forest grow healthy. If we take care of the land the land will take care of us. Please help the world by learning how to grow a healthy forest. I think we can all say this world is amazing.

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