Is cyber bullying something that should be taken seriously?

  • Cyber bullying should definitely be taken seriously

    I have been bullied all my life and it hurts to hear the same thing everyday. Cyber bullying is the exact same thing but unfortunately they can say it on any social media or on anonymous. Getting hate from another person is them sitting there behind a screen thinking it's funny to make a joke or point out that the other person is different in a certain way. Why would they cyber bully? Because they are too afraid of the response they might get in reality. All these cyber bullies are just so pathetic. They might know nothing about what that victim goes through. The victim may have family problems or depression issues but with cyber bullying on top it can make things a lot worse. Those cyber bullies just don't understand what those people go through as soon as they have left school. Those victims most probably get bullied at school and as though they don't have enough they may feel like they can't go on any social media without bullying occurring. Although through cyber bullying on many websites there is a block button which means the bullier can not contact them in any way. However on such things as ask.Fm bullying can take place anonymously and can not be blocked. In many cases teenagers/children have committed suicide or started self harming because of this bullying. It has to be stopped and can not be allowed any longer. People will be shocked at how many teenagers have harmed themselves or had suicidal thoughts because of bullying and cyber bullying. But no matter what type of bullying it is, whether it is cyber on non cyber it should definitely be taken seriously.

  • Yes,it should be taken seriously.

    Cyber bullying is one of the most disturbing problems that we face in this era.Not only can it completely destroy one's self confidence,dignity but it can also lead to certain disastrous implications like suicide,depression etc.Cyber bullying ,on surface,might seem as something not very threatening but I think it as harmful as other pathetic activities on the Internet since it results in certain predicaments, as mentioned above, that might influence lives.Hence,I am of the opinion that it has to be taken seriously.

  • It can lead to death

    Over 2000 people die per year because of cyber bullying it should be token seriously because some people think it’s harmless but they could make someone commit suicide witch is very dangerous lots of kids think there just joking but really this joking could lead to someone’s death so it is very serious

  • It should be taken seriously

    Cyberbullying could include the meanest words, And will threaten the victims safety. If people don't take it seriously because bullying is a bigger issue then they should think about how this generation is built of off the internet and social media. This is how people communicate and become social. So cyberbullying has become the same amount of an issue as bullying.

  • No one should be bullied in anyway

    It's not nice to be bullied. To the bullies out there, does it feel good to bully someone if you say yes imagine it happening to you, if you say no why do u still bully people. STOP BULLYING.
    I've been bullied myself and I felt useless I wanted to die.
    Bullying is the reason why people commit suicide


  • Cyberbullying is important

    Cyberbullying Is a major problem which is impacting on today’s adolescent society greatly. With the advanced technology we have today, it is becoming easier and more anonymous to cyberbully victims. Today’s increasing use in technology invades nearly every aspect of our modern lives. It’s also not really a surprise that 90% of teenagers have access and regularly use the internet. As adolescents seem to also lean more and more towards social media and online technology, the risk of exposure to bullying via the internet also increases drastically.

  • Cyberbullying needs to stop

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  • Say yes to no bullying

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  • Cyber bullying should be taken seriously.

    Cyber bullying is the same as physical bullying and yet people don't consider it serious. Cyber bullying is a type of bullying but an online one and because of this it can be done anonymously which makes harder to identify the bully. This bullying can actually lead to serious of consequences for the victim like depression or even suicide. I think this is one of the most hurting types of bullying because when you read the mean things that someone is posting or commenting on you, you don't hear the attackers voice you hear your own.

  • Cyber bullying should be stopped now!!

    It is such a bad thing that some people end up giving their life away because of it. I have been bullied before so i know how it feels. It should be stopped. It also hurts people mentally and can make them weak. This should be taken very seriously ...

  • I'm sorry if you're to weak to deal with cyber bullying.

    Many, many, many, many people will hate me for being so insensitive but cyber bullying just seems like such a 1st world whiny problem to me. I just can't take it serious because in every cyber bullying case I've seen every "cyber aspect" of the bullying can be avoided and most of the deaths that result in cyber bullying were because things happened outside of the internet as well. Their are quite a few reasons why I just cannot take this topic seriously

    1.) Freedom of speech. We have freedom of speech in America. Anyone can say whatever they want and voice whatever opinion they would like, no matter how immoral it is. You're gonna have to deal with it sooner or later, their is no law that can stop verbal assault.

    2.) If you are being bullied to the point where you want to kill yourself, stop going on social media sites. Stop going to the sites where the people attack you (many of these sites allow you to block people anyway) or if it's truly everywhere, turn your computer off, it's not worth your life, IF IT IS REALLY THAT SERIOUS!

    3.) If people start targeting you at school and stuff from something they saw on facebook, then it is no longer a cyber bullying problem. You're in the real world now, it's a bullying problem.

    4.) This is going to sound really mean but get some thick skin. A bully's kryptonite is someone who doesn't give a fuck. Try to stop caring about what other people think of you. It is harder than it sounds but not impossible. However, you can't change other people as easily as you can change yourself, if you work on getting more self confidence, verbal assault won't hurt you as much.

    5.) Don't put yourself on video doing something you'll regret, and if you didn't know someone was recording you then it is not a cyber bullying problem it is a legal problem. The same goes for defamation of character, if someone is spreading lies then it is a legal problem

    6.) Remember this next time someone hurts your feelings, some kids get physically bullied and beat and murdered. They wish people would just call them names. If that is all you're getting then consider yourself lucky, well at least luckier than most.

    7.) Kids can be cruel and kids make mistakes and hurt people's feelings. Kids are also kids and their opinion doesn't matter enough for us to let them vote so why should it matter to you? If an adult is doing it, that is seriously sad and you should feel sorry for him and not threatened by him/her.

  • It's a joke

    I understand everyone is on social media now and it's a right everyone has along with right to have freedom of speech. Stop being so emotional like an 8 year old girl and grow up. Like its really not that serious, just walk away from the computer, are you stupid. You do realize the world isn't all sunshine and rainbows so you should stop acting like it.

  • Yo yo yo

    Oy mate don't be a sourpuss and turn off your phone or block them and boom problem solved it's not difficult mate not at all if you cant handle cyber bully then you got a problem dude if you cant ignore them or something like that then that's a whole other problem mate

  • Cyberbullying, a simple fix.

    Cyberbullying is one of the biggest jokes in history. Years and years of psychological and technological evolution and yet one of the biggest issues that upsets people so much are some pixels on a screen. Cyberbullying is a simple problem, if you don't like what someone says to you then don't go on the internet!

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