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  • Cyber communication can bring us togeather.

    I think cyber communication is one of the best inventions are invented. It bring people together and provides way for them to stay in touch. For example facebook, we can share so many things through these network instantly. Now days with migration lots of families are living separate and it makes them feel connected.

  • Cyber communication has helped reduce trash that old fashioned mail printed on paper left but has changed the younger generation's communication skills for the worse.

    In the past, you would see children playing together outside in groups. It is more likely that you will find a group of the younger generation messaging each other in chat rooms or texting on their cell phones. Even the youngest of children have cell phones they can use in the case of emergencies. It seems that cyber communication has stunted the growth of this new generations social skills. The positives you see greatly outweigh the negatives though.

  • Helps us to interact

    In this modern era, people are too busy chasing wealth. So, the possibility of interacting face to face is something that has become more and more difficult. As people of the 21st century, I believe that we should be thankful for the cyber communication that acts as a medium of interaction among ourselves. We don't have to travel to another city to say how much we miss someone. This can only be done once in awhile. Now, we can say hi through facebook, email, and many more. We do it every day, anytime, anywhere.
    It is as easy as a click on the keyboard.

  • Absolutely Yes. Cyber communication is good for society.

    Cyber communication helps people to communicate with their friends and relatives from all around the world. It makes society better from the past. When you are not able to use your common ways to communicate such as phone or letter, this type of communication will help you a lot. By the way, there are more evidences that can support this statement.

  • I believe so - it improves our access to information.

    Instant communication has improved people's access to information. More and more people are getting connected and informed compared to people in the past. In a sense, information is more free than ever. First reading was limited to the educated elite. Then most learned how to read, and now more people than ever have access to information.

  • Yes It Does

    Cyber communication gives people another way to communicate. It makes society better for that reason alone. There are times when you are in situation when you might not be able to use your phone. The more resources we have the better off we are in this society in my opinion.

  • Cyber communication helps more and more people interact.

    The Internet has done wonders for communication in modern society. Cyber communication allows people from all walks of life and from all over the world to interact and share ideas with one another. Communication has become democratized due to Internet chatting and communication. This will positively impact society for years to come.

  • Hides True Identities

    You can be talking to a complete stranger and not even know it. Then you would be putting your life on the line for being near death if you talk to the wrong person and they track you to stalk you. Then what do you do. I'd rather communicate in person so you can know who you talking to.

  • It is easier for one to lie online

    It is harder to trust someone online. In real life, body language or gestures somehow reveal a lie - a liar often looks away, he mumbles or his hands start shaking. You cannot look for those signs online. The use of body language is an important feature of communication, hence communicating in real life is more meaningful and fun!

  • Leads to Psychological Problems

    Cyber communication are internet junk food. They are fun, tempting and entertaining. Coming back from school, most of teenagers lock themselves up in the room for hours engaging with cyber communication. They cut themselves from the real world as they become addicted to it. There are mental disorder known as "Facebook Addiction Disorder". Youngsters are so obsessed with their cyber network that they are willing to forgo their meals, sleep, leisure time, and even worse their responsibilities as a student or workers. The feel live is incomplete without online connection. Is that what we want?

  • The lack of face-to-face communication is causing the death of our ability to interact with one another.

    With today's ability for almost everyone to have a cell phone and/or a portable computer, we are too easily consumed by texting, tweeting, and messaging to sometimes even remember that there is another person in the room. Although it is a lightning fast and modern method of exchanging information, society is left sadly lacking in their ability to perform tasks as simple as interviewing one-on-one for employment or holding a conversation with an acquaintance. Dinnertime conversation is being replaced by four people with four phones texting four others who may also be sitting at their dinner table. It should be a time for a family to reflect on their day with husbands, wives, sons and daughters, not the rest of the world.

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