• For sure, yes!

    Many people don't realize how bad words can really hurt a person. Children and teens all over the world have committed suicide due to nasty comments, texts, and posts received about themselves. I am 16 and have had to change my number over five times and shut down my social networking sites due to cyber bulling. I have tried to commit suicide once (but didn't succeed, obviously). Cyber bullying is a big deal and needs to be stopped! If you don't have anything nice to say, then please keep your mouth shut!

  • Yes

    The way kids communicate today is through some form of digital device connected to the internet. Even for those of us that were familiar with email or social media when we were younger have to realize that it has gone into hyper drive with new devices combined with faster types of social media. More importantly, bullying in person is bad enough, but when it is online it is forever and in front of all. I think cyberbulling is just as bad as regular bullying. Underage kids using the internet to tease each other is a horrible thought. I have seen many cases of suicide because of this form of bullying, I think the only solution to this is for parents to pay attention to what their kids are doing online.As children and even adults spend more and more time online it becomes a bigger part of our world. Once antagonistic elements enter this world it is nerve wracking and detrimental to a person's health. Any bullying is a serious problem as it hinders growth and acceptance in society. Cyberbullying is merely an evolution of physical bullying, and just because there are not physical marks from it does not make it a serious issue.

  • Cyberbullying is bad.

    It's very bad because it leads to suicide. To the people who said no, how would you feel if you are being cyberbullied? It would really hurt your feelings really badly.You will get depressed and won't have any friends cause the people who are bullying you turn everyone against you.

  • I'm 13 and researching cyberbullying and have experience with it.

    It is a serious problem because so many children and adolescents have gotten bullied over the Internet. Our society today has greatly impacted the views of many of the young people in the new generation. This view is someone has to be perfect, for a girl, meaning thin, beautiful and no flaws to them. For a boy, they have to be hot or cute, well built, tall and no flaws. But this look is not possible, models are photoshopped and they portray an impossible form of beauty making many aim to be what they are, though the model isn't even that beautiful. A study shows that 43% of adolescents and teens have been cyberbullied, another 25% have said that it has happened more than once, lastly, 58% have said that they have had something rude or threatening said to them. Some negative impacts of cyberbullying is the victim can start getting terrible anxiety and depression. On top of that they may want to start skipping school and their grades will have a noticeable change to them, usually by getting worse by the situation. Not just that, but to try to drown out the emotional pain they will most likely start self harming or start to do drugs and alcohol. Yes, they could just log off but in this world, Internet and electronics are part of our everyday life. They want an Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, etc to fit in with the crowd. Easy, block them. But it's not that simple. The bullies could make another account or an entire website hating on that one person. There are embarrassing photos leaked, everyone hates you in the school, you have no friends, you're lonely and you feel like you are nothing to everyone, even yourself. There is so much more I would like to say but I would be on here for days trying to say all of them. So please just take into consideration the impact it has and how many people it does effect even if you personally have never seen it happen.

  • It Is NOT Okay

    Saying children should just log off of a site and forget about the abuse they suffer is simply not right. Why should anyone have to log off in the first place? If we tell bullies that bullying is okay simply because their victims will just log off and the action will be forgotten, how do we ever expect to stop bullying.

  • Yes. We need a law.

    One in four students from grade seven to nine in an Alberta study reported experiencing cyberbullying. This is a major concern. In a survey of 13-15 year-olds, over 70 per cent have been bullied online and 44 per cent reported having bullied someone at least once. Cyberbullying requires a law and law enforcement immediately!

  • Yes is is a serious opinion!!

    It is a serious problem because this kind of action can cause kids their lives. They kill themselves because of this situation and this happens everyday. People try to do something, but no one is fixing the whole situation. The whole social media is the cause of it this situation.

  • Cyberbullying has an effect on our society today because of the prominate communications of our youth.

    Cyberbullying has an effect on evreyone because hte more sites you go on or are created, the more realevant any person is to the cyberspace world. Some people just blow it off and some people are not able to because of a disorder they have (deppression). They cannot control what people say to them, and thay have a hard time controling their emotions. Sometimes it results in harming their self or possibly suicide.

  • Bullying is important

    I heard that one time that a girl got bullied to death. Some kids were texting her and telling her to jump of the building, and she did that. Her parents were so sad. The point is that bullying or cyberbullying is a serious problem. It could afect people many ways

  • Arguments to yes side

    If you turn your device off, what can it do. After you read those mean words, it hurts and you just want to cry. If you say it never hurt me, that is you. People have different feelings and emotions. Some people feel sad but does not express the hurt they have got. People who said yes really need to think about it. It hurts a lot.

  • I completely disagree.

    I can't believe how many people think cyberbullying is a problem. Most victims are nasty, whiney little brats who don't know how to live life correctly. I'm telling you! DO NOT THINK FOR ONE SECOND THAT CYBERBULLYING IS BAD! BECAUSE I CAN PROVE TO YOU IT IS NOT A BAD THING!

  • No it isn't if it is a friendly prank

    A friendly prank of "cyber bullying' is ok especially if it was a first time and a prank on somebody you know.No one should get hurt over a prank and a friendly one. I've witnessed cyber bullying and most of them were just friendly pranks such as creating a fake account to mock some close prank or in other words a "friendly prank". And even if it hurts someones feelings or something they always have the choice to exit out the website or game to not get a "hurtful prank".

  • Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

    I have not seen any "cyberbullying" in my 4 years of being on Facebook or other social media sites. Granted there are disputes and small arguments, it's not any different from getting in an argument in real life. Most of what people call cyberbullying is actually just someone trolling, and that is mostly found in games not with people that know each other.

  • Unless You Make it One

    Some parents do not teach their children how to filter good criticism from hate. Not everyone will like everyone and people can't avoid that. The only way this "problem" can be averted is by starting with a child's upbringing. This generation is being taught that they don't have to personally deal with issues because someone on a white horse will ride in a promptly shut the other kid up. If a person is spreading lies on the internet, then there are legal reasons to get involved. That is a separate issue from bullying because it is direct defamation of a person's character. But, just because some adolescents want to be mean and say "I h8 u go dye" on the internet doesn't mean the internet has a "cyber-bullying" problem. If the hate is by anonymous people on a certain website, the parents should take charge and not let their child go on that website and explain clearly, "They don't know you. You don't know them. Stop worrying." If the online bullying is being done by supposed "friends" offline, then the child needs to be taught how to get better friends. If it's the community that's damaging to the child's mental health, then the family probably should do what they can do move into a more kind living environment. The media has taken the pseudo-problem of cyber-bullying and exploded it, just like they do on every issue that grabs peoples' attentions. ABC went far enough to sponsor a movie called "Cyberbully," which effectively criticized the internet for not monitoring every single post ever created on it. Yes, there have been instances where a child has attempted/committed suicide because of online hate. But, remember each of these children were insecure and, in most cases, the predominant amount of bullying happened outside the internet. If a child isn't going to be taught how to handle hate through a computer screen, how are they supposed to handle it in real life, at school, at work, or in public? There is no "cyber-bullying" issue, there is just an issue of children expelling their own anger, social inadequacies, mental instabilities, etc. onto other children through a new medium. This doesn't mean I support bullying, but there should be a burden on parents to actually teach their kids how to ignore hate, live their own lives, and not be oversensitive. By trying to eliminate every medium for bullying only gives the bullies leeway by shifting the issue from the bully to the availability to bullying. If there's a problem, the child should know all they have to do is not acknowledge the bully (on the internet it's called the "block" or "report" button). There is no physical abuse on the internet, therefore ignoring the issue is the best solution there is. Don't give bullies recognition because then they know it's working. (p.s: Anybody who claims this is a pro-bullying response obviously didn't read this comment correctly)

  • It's An Issue For People Who Don't Know How To Use The Internet

    Real bullying is something that can't easily be stopped while cyber bullying can be stop by simply pressing a button. It is like complaining that something is hurting you but when presented with an easy solution you ignore it and continue to allow yourself to get hurt. I'm not arguing that words aren't hurtful because they are but, when you can easily stop the problem it is not a real issue, simply you complaining about a non issue.

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  • Butthurt people are the problem

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  • There are bigger issues at hand

    I'll start by saying I'm an avid gamer and I've been called names that would knock Lucifer flat but guess what, I'm still here aren't I. Cyberbullying was a topic that was brought up after Columbine. Everyone blamed it on bullying when it wasn't the main cause. It was a mentally ill child with a bone to pick with the world. Due to the most misinterpretation we started the "bullying era" and now we have anti-bullying fanatics with a lifelong goal to purge stupidity from the world who I guess didn't evolve with the rest of us. Society has a knack for playing the victim. It really should be a career. U want a way to solve the problem. Raise ur kids to be resilient and take pixels with a grain of salt, grow a spine, and stop obsessing over negativity and focus on the good because there is a lot out there. Get over the cesspool that is the internet because it is the ultimate breeding ground for morons and no overzealous and outspoken daisy on the yes side has a prayer of changing it. I'm not justifying it but it's not a priority like world hunger a nd if ur depressed I hear knitting is still hot.

  • Just block those idiots.

    Holy crap guys, cyberbullying is something that can be AVOIDED. If someone calls you a name or harasses you in real life, then thats a problem because they are doing it against your will. However, if someone does it online you can instantly silence them by pressing the block button or deleting them! It's not against your will!

  • Cyber Bullying can be a problem, only if you make it one

    Cyber bullying can be a problem for people who don't no how to deal with it. Real bullying can not be shut out, but cyber bullying can. By simply closing your device, you have prevented it from getting to you. Cyber bullying doesnt have to be a thing, people make it a big deal. Don't let it bother you.

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