• U suck at this! 11

    Welp, Time to an hero. Srsly ppl, Stop getting so offended about everything on the internet. The teens who killed themselves because they were "cyberbullied" deserved it in my opinion, For being so overly sensitive because "lmao faggot". If you kill yourself because of a supid thing someone called you on the internet, And called it "bullying", Then you have level 99 rarted.

  • Its actually probably good.

    Human beings, in general, have a tenancy to get upset at little things, this is a problem. Cyber bullying is the most effective way we currently have to combat this. If you want to immunize someone from the flue, you give them a tiny bit of flue virus, if you want to stop cyber bullying, just let it happen, eventually people who would originally have killed themselves will have to come to terms with it, or they will kill themselves. They will not have been murdered or killed, they will have committed suicide, they will have made a choice, a stupid one, yes, but still a choice. It may seem sad now, but in 20 years, these people (the bullied, and probably the bullies) will be gone.

  • Yes, i do

    Well here i am again to support my idea of suspending kids who cyberbully are usilly bad in school to but not to say that they don't have problems to they would not be doing that i think that the kids that do do that should be suspended from school so that they don't bully in real life . And parents you don't want your kids to get bullyed in real life and on soci\al media

  • Leave the Internet

    If you can't handle explicit content, or bad words, just get off the internet. As long as no physical harm is done, or no one is actually threatening to stab you, just deal with it or BLOCK them. There is no need to go on social platforms. You are probably insignificant anyway, so no one will care if you leave the internet or not.

  • "lol ur stupid" - anonymous guy on the internet

    Well, time to go kill myself. It really sucks that some people are "sensitive" enough that they would take anything so over the top. Get over yourself. The world does not revolve around you and you need to be able to accept that sometimes in life, your feelings get hurt.

    You know your generation is doomed to fail when people start taking things said over the internet seriously.

  • Welcome to the internet

    Bullying and cyber bullying are totally different. When you hear the word bullying, you think of someone punching you and stuffing you into a locker. Last time I checked, you cant do this via the internet. "But wait, what about verbal bullying?" you say. Get over it. It shouldn't be some guys fault that you killed yourself because he typed something that made you go "WAAH!!". The internet is a culture. We have so many internet jokes, or memes. Most would be considered "Bullying" by all of the people that didn't grow up on the internet. Instead of laughing it off, you say someone is bullying you because he is making fun of you on the internet. If someone is that insensitive, they shouldn't use the internet or use it carefully.

  • Cyberbulling is aufule

    I don't care if pple say it is not bad but u r WRONG. Pple say that it is not as bad as phycle bulling but it is worse. Because in bulling there are adults to help but in cyberbilling u have NO ONE can help u boiiiiii i have gotten cyberbullied and its sad. Reaserch shows that about 1000 pple commeted sucide and think about ur parents and haw sad they can be.

  • Cyber bullying is wrong and no one should feel pain with just the click of a button.

    Cyber bullying is hurting even small children who are online just trying to finish their science homework and stumble upon rude comments. Many teens spend a lot of time glued to their phone worrying about what people think of their new Instagram post. No one should feel pressured online that someone will judge them. People are committing suicide because of what ยจanonymousยจ texted to them about how they are worthless. Adults need to take action in this and help the ones getting hurt. Children and teens need help before they make a wrong decision.

  • No no no

    The people who say yes are LIARS! If you cyberbully enough to make someone commit suicide (more than saying "lol ur stupid" one time), IT IS THE CYBERBULLYS FAULT!!!!!!!!!!! If you are a cyberbully, you are a horrible person. Even if you think it doesn't affect people, it does. Sure they can turn off their computer, but what happens when they turn it back on? They will get hurtful messages and will be hurt again.

  • Cyberbullies are Bullies in real life

    I have tried to commit suicide myself... Not once but twice. My bullying started out verbal but turned to internet real quick. The people who bullied me in real life also bullied me online as well. It's not okay to push someone tho their limit that they feel the only reason they can deal with it, is to die. Some words that are said online is fine and don't bother some; but once we get into the name calling and shaming, things start to turn around. I've blocked the people but they'll use others to get to you.

  • Cyberbullying is not okay

    Some people are naturally born where they take things to heart, and it's not their fault if they have anxiety - it's part of who they are. Often, when it comes to cyberbullying, it doesn't just come in little amounts, but even if it does, it starts to add up. Just little comments, about weight or race or gender, things like that, all together it can add up to pretty serious problems - even suicide. Cyberbullying isn't any different from normal bullying, and that's not okay!

  • Of course cyber bullying is not okay!

    People are too wrapped up in technology and abuse their privileges. Whether you are on either end of it: the bully or the victim. People take things way too seriously when it comes to texts and social media posts which could lead to suicide if someone is being excessively picked on. Then the bully would regret being so hurtful for the rest of their life. So no. Bullying and cyber bullying is not okay.

  • Stop cyberbullies In real life

    No, cyberbullying is not okay. My friend tried multiple times to try to commit suicide and the last time he tried he was successful. It was so terrible because he was only 14. He was going into his 8th grade year, he hadn't even gotten to high school. He will never to get to experience high school like I am. He won't get to do marching band like he always wanted to. It's sad to think that a cyberbully can get in you head and completely ruin you. Cyberbullies need to be stopped!

  • My name is no

    My sign is no. Yall need to let it tf GO ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฟ my name is nOOOOo my sign is nOOoOmmy number is NO๐Ÿ–๐Ÿฟ you need 2 let it flow like my PERIOD HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA H ha HA HA please kill me I'm done

  • Its not okay

    I was cyberbullyied when I was new to the internet which was about 5 years ago. Cyberbullying is not okay and never will be. This term cyberbully refers to anyone who is rude on any form of internet media. Also these kids who are cyberbullied end up hurting themselves in real life. That's not cool.

  • Don't be that guy behind the screen

    You shouldn't hurt someone you don't even know. Think first. How old are they? What kinds of jokes can they take? Do the have an illness like depression or are highly sensitive? Did someone they know just die? Are they about to die? Are they already getting bullied? Do they already beat themselves up inside? Are they suicidal? These are the types of questions you must think about before you type anything. Think first.

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