• Yes it is

    If the internet wasn't here we wouldn't have to worry about our stuff being stolen online. So why would anyone want to make or use cybersecurity if there was no internet? It would be totally pointless and like DMSrinivasu1710 said People are using the internet wrongly it was originally meant as a research tool, Not a way to access other peoples personal information!

  • Connectivity is a double edged sword.

    When there was no Internet we didn't had issues or worries about our information being stolen from a unknown or far location from where you live, But once Internet started, Cybercrimes started happening and as a countermeasure cybersecurity was the technology developed in order to fight back those worldwide crimes.

  • I agree with the fact

    Today there are people who are acquiring knowledge of hacking and using the internet in the wrong way by which they always think to get benefits by using some others id and keeping themselves safe. As a result of which, People who have faced the consequences are not coming forward.

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