• Cyberwar is more dangerous than traditional war.

    With so may people putting all of their information online, their bank accounts, credit cards, personal information like their social security number, this information is vulnerable. We generally trust the companies with our information, but in the case of a cyberwar, this information can be compromised. With traditional wars, voluntary and conscripted soldiers fought and died. With cyberwars innocent people's information can be stolen, and their suffering may persist many times over, so much that they wish death would have been the alternative.

  • Yes, cyberwar should be considered equivalent to other large threats.

    The US in particular is more vulnerable to a cyber attack than many other countries. Consider how integrated the internet is in US life. As a consumer, you can rely on nearly every business to have some kind of internet presence: would you even be able to order a pizza if you couldn't just look up their phone number on the internet? Also, businesses would be crippled if a cyber-attack interfered with their ability to automate payment systems. How long would you last if you couldn't use credit or debit cards and all the ATMs were out of cash? The government would have to call out FEMA and distribute food and other necessary sundries, kinda like in Katrina. While any sort of disruption would likely be temporary, the cost would be staggering. The damage would be comparable to a major chemical or biological attack.

  • There is much technology we are unaware of, and ignorance will not be bliss when the world comes toppling down.

    The fact is brainwashing government employees against their will, and softly brainwashing everyday people through the media is more of a cyberwar than the cyberwar you are referring to in the question. These shootings may have been people who have been brainwashed by the government. Innocent people in a bad circumstance. Let us not forget the death of Aaron Swartz. Our own government is attacking us silently.

  • Yes, cyberwar is not only a threat, it is imminent.

    To anyone who has ever seen War Games, the idea of cyber warfare comes off like an implausible scenario. However, due to the advent of technology and the interconnection of the world information system, the idea that someone can attack another is happening right now. Denial of Service (DOS) attacks, are a basic form of warfare that is common today.

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