• He acts the part

    Dan Savage is indeed a bully, despite his claims that he opposes bullying. He ridicules the beliefs of people who disagree with him and slanders the people who he hates the most (like Rick Santorum). At one event he decided to bully anyone who believes in the Bible, and then ridiculed them after they left the room - despite 'leaving the room' being the exact thing Savage tells those who are being bullied to do! Similarly, Savage has no issue with 'outing' - a very serious form of bullying used to attack people's personal lives. Savage also supported the murder of a Senate candidate in 2006, wished death upon all Republicans, and has verbally attacked fat people, asexuals, transsexuals, and bisexuals. Overall, he is very much a bully and he is a terrible spokesman and example of the gay community.

    Posted by: TN05
  • Dan Savage is a bully, amongst other things, and not someone I would choose to represent the LGBTQ community.

    I lost all respect for Dan Savage when I read an article he wrote that essentially said all bisexual people were "faking it." He has an air of know-it-all elitism about him and he actively excludes anyone who isn't an atheist homosexual white male from the conversation. Poor person to represent gay rights in the public arena. Love my LBGTQ folks, despise Dan Savage.

  • A bully AND a hypocrite

    Sadly, as a gay man, I have to say that Dan Savage does NOT represent or speak for me. He is an absolute and total bully in thought and action. It's easy to criticize those who are bullies, but when you exhibit the same behavior toward someone else who doesn't believe what you do, or doesn't agree with your opinion, you're allowing yourself to be just as bad as those you've said are so awful. I believe this man has a litany of anger issues and needs to seek help.
    He is truly a bully - and a definite hypocrite. Too bad he hates the Bible so much, because he could use a little Jesus or something!

  • In every sense of the word - but also a hypocrite

    Dan Savage is vile. As a gay man, I say this with sadness, as he claims to represent and champion other gays and their rights, but he certainly doesn't speak for me. The fact that there are gay Christians obviously bothers him greatly. He has stated multiple times his hatred toward Christianity, the Bible, and Christian people. This is disappointing, since he has such potential to be a catalyst for good.
    Sadly, the media has ignored his extreme comments or swept them under the rug, touting his It Gets Better campaign and offering instant forgiveness and face time to someone who is truly an incredible hypocrite. His bullying of those who disagree with his views was blatant and caught on video, yet the media is too cowardly to call it what it is.
    Obviously, what Mr Savage needs is a little Jesus in his own life. You know, Love One Another; Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself; Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness.... That kind of stuff.
    Until he can step back and see his seething anger and hatred, he will remain a bully and a hypocrite.

  • He's a terrible hypocrite

    What kind of man who started the It Gets Better campaign starts bashing a reader who is unsure about his sexuality? Instead of reassuring the man to make the decision that's best for him, whenever he is ready, Savage started to rant and slam the reader for being a coward who can rot! Savage isn't supportive at all to the LGBT community he "supposedly" loves to comfort, instead insulting people who are trying to make important decisions about their personal lives. Nope, for him, it's "you better come out and live the way I say or else I hate your guts!" The irony is this makes Savage little better than the anti-gay bullies he claims to combat. Dan Savage is truly a hateful, sad little man who abuses everyone that doesn't agree 100% with him...

  • My view as a Gay Christian with great love and support for the LGBT community. Dan Savage a bully 100% YES!

    A man who wants to claim to be an anti-bullying leader but has on numerous occasions verbally and cruelly attacked anyone with a view different than his own. Whether it be his comments on the Bill Maher show saying he wishes all Republicans would just die or wishing cancer to Sarah Palin as well attacking and personally insulting a bunch of kids at a high school, the list is quite long. He seems to only be concerned with bullying of the LGBT and non-Christian community but nothing about bullying from the other side which he is a clear example of. Me being a member of the LGBT community Dan is the last person I ever want speaking for me. People like him our a complete danger to the bridging of relationship between the LGBT community and the more Conservative people of this great nation. He is no hero to us in the LGBT community but is a obstacle as to the true fight for equality which includes us all. He could serve the mission well but not by doing the same thing he claims to be so against. Bullying to anyone should not be tolerated from both sides. Dan as a fellow LGBT member and as a Christian I love you but you are completely wrong in your approach, please think about the things you have said.

  • Bullying doesn't mean what you think it means.

    Slander has a pretty specific definition, which Savage hasn't met regarding Santorum. What he did to those who walked out of his talk wasn't bullying. Overall, he sometimes takes extreme positions, and one can disagree with things Dan Savage says, but "bully" simply does not apply. Just because you disagree with him doesn't make him a bully.

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