• Proving my "Pointe"

    I have dance practice 20 hours THIS WEEKEND alone. Yes, Friday, Saturday, Sunday...If you have never been on a competition dance team before, you have absolutely no right to even have a voice in this debate. You have no idea the skill that is required to compete dance. You compete based off of a score a judge gives you (just like in gymnastics) and you have to be an actor, dancer, musician, and artist all in one athlete that trains just as much as any other. My team as a division just for guys alone and most of them are football and soccer players that tried hip hop is a hobby. By the end of the year, every single one of them say it is harder than any sport they've every played.

  • Is dance a sport? Yes.

    Have you danced before? It is harder than a sport, but doesn't qualify? And football does? You throw a 1 pound ball, catch it, then run. If you're hurt then everyone takes a knee and you get to sit out. If you get hurt in dance, you have to go through the rest of the recital hurt. You football, soccer, lacrosse, and basketball player couldn't take dance class for a minute. We are stronger, smarter, more pain-bearing, more flexible, and have better endurance than football players. Think we're so prissy now?

  • Have you ever danced? Dancing requires as much athletic ability as other sports.

    If you played football, you would find the workout similar to dance. If you cheered, you would find that dancers also lift each other, if you did gymnastics, you would see that dancers also have extreme flexibility. This does not necessarily make dance a sport, but explain to me how pogo sticking or ping pong can be a "sport" but not dance. Dance requires cardiovascular conditioning, strength, agility and flexibility just like any other sport.

  • Dance is a sport

    First off you have no right to say that dance is not a sport if you have never danced before. I have played volleyball soccer done gymnastics and I now dance and i can honestly say it is the most challenging SPORT out of all of them. All other sports require you to have strong legs, or arms or a strong core but dance requires all of the above. sport |spĂ´rt|
    1 an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment
    dance does all that.

  • Alright, settle down.

    You're talking about how dance isn't in the olympics and that is why it is not a sport. Well you guys say cheerleading is a sport but that isn't in the olympics either. Just because it isn't in the olympics doesn't mean it's not a sport. Professional football players also take dance lessons to help them. Football and baseball are sports and they are not in the olympics. You guys are just jealous that you cannot dance like a professional. Dance isn't all about entertaining it is a way of life and it is a sport to do.

  • Dance is a sport

    Dance takes hours and hours of practice to perfect every little detail over the course of multiple years. You all sit here and say that the only people that believe that dance isn't a sport are actual dancers, well from what I've read the only people that believe that dance is not a sport are ignorant non-dancers. A lot of times all people see from dancers is there performance on stage. This goes hand in hand with don't judge a book by the cover, don't judge a dancer by the performance. A dancer's job is to make the most difficult routine look effortless and easy. If you are in pain you can't show it and I think that if you all believe that dance is easy then we are doing our job and making it look that way when the reality is while you stand there with a smile on your face en pointe the skin on your feet is ripping open and it bleeds and it burns but this isn't football you can't take a break and sit on the sidelines while you are checked you need to keep going until you are done with the exact same energy you started with and those bleeding feet and sore muscles and overworked lungs are all just your little secret.

    Dance is incredibly demanding physically and mentally and if the only reason it isn't a sport is because you don't have a ball or puck and you're not competing against others (which you are so that's a lie) then you need to wake up and smell the roses because by saying that you're ruling out more sports than just dance. You say that dancers have no goal there working towards and that is the biggest lie I have ever heard, dancers are working towards a goal that most people would say is impossible and it's to be perfect. Dancers chase perfection it's what we're after and what we work everyday as hard and as long as we can to achieve, so while we chase the impossible and exhaust our bodies into doing things they physically should not do have fun throwing a rubber circle into a string net.

    My final note on the subject is that if dance is a leisurely hobby for fun then why is it so incredibly demanding oh wait that's because it's a physically exhausting sport that people work hard doing so that it can become a full time career. Dancers do not get enough credit and I would advise that before you start running your ignorant mouth take a dance class and you'll see just how hard it is.

  • Definition of "Sport"

    According to the dictionary, the definition of "Sport" is: (1) An athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature. (2) Physical activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively.

    So let's see...

    Is dance a physical activity? YES
    Does it require skill or physical prowess? YES
    Are there dance competitions? YES
    Is it governed by a set of rules and customs? YES

  • ITS SO A SPORT and here's why

    If it's not a sport why? And what makes the other sports well, sports? (Read the rest before answering this might change your mind). And I'm not just defending dance because I'm a dancer because even when I wasn't one I admired it and would defend it.

    In dance we compete sometimes as. Team and others as individuals. We sweat, work, get injured, bleed and we dance through it all because we are passionate. We have the arms, abs and legs. We carry other dancers (working as a team) and though the routine is rehearsed choreographys can be forgotten or a dancer can fall and get hurt. We run, kick and jump like baseball players, basketball players and football players and we do more because besides doing that gracefully, better and with a smile we can do more and do it better (in not saying these sports are easy or don't require talent to etc). We compete. There are rules such as: needing a straight leg, turn out, pointed toes and etc. Besides all that we have flexibility and yes strength because if not we couldn't do splits standing up or in the air or help other dancers jump high or turn faster. The hardest part of all is making it look effortless, that's probably why the ones that say no think it's so easy.

    Still don't think it's a sport or at least challenging? Take a senior or intermediate dance class of any kind and then come back and tell me your opinion.

    And guess what to those of you who say that being able to freestyle takes away the sport part then when I play basketball without a game plan or practicing does that mean it's no longer a sport? Guess what, I can start free styling right now just like I can go to my backyard and start paying any sport RIGHT NOW.

  • Dance is a sport

    Because they compete. They travel. They work just as hard as what other people consider "athletes" do and they should be considered athletes as well. Dance is just as hard and dance takes just as much skill as some sports and sometimes even more. There is absolutely no reason that dance is not a sport.

  • Dance is a sport

    Dance is a sport. It takes just as much effort to dance as to play all the other sports e.G football, rugby, baseball etc. Just because it isn't in the Olympics doesn't mean it's not a sport. Sports don't always have to be competitive and if your view is different then I can say dance can be be competitive too. Dance is a physical activity and yes, everyone can dance just like anyone can play football but they might not be actually good at it. Get me?

  • There is no action.

    There is no physical action. I've never seen a girl sweat in dance. All you do remember is walking in circles and wearing makeup. Watching it is even worse than the sport itself. I will give dancers the credit for doing splits. Other than that the only thing they do to sweat, is stretch.

  • No way - it doesn't have a ball, a puck, or a goal.

    Sure your running around getting exercise but there are a lot of things you do that in that are not a sport. You do not have a goal, in all SPORTS there is a goal to score points and win the game. What's the objective of dance? To dance till the end of the song? I think NOT it is not a sport and if you haven't realized all the people who DO think it is a sport do dance. I do not. I play softball, soccer and basketball. And let me tell you, dance is NOT A SPORT.

  • It's not a sport!

    Here are a couple reasons I think dance isn't a sport...The physical demands are nowhere close to meeting an athlete's. Dancers only need leg muscles, and no upper body strength is needed, where athletes need it all around. Dance is an art...Or an activity. Sports are competitive, and you're working for your goal, not just a trophy or a medal. Athletes are strong, and lean, and dancers are little, fake, dolls. Athletes get hurt and we tough it out, where dancers don't really ever tough it out. And dance isn't in the Olympics. I have many other reasons, but I've ranted enough.

  • OF COURSE NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dance is simply a game of memory. There might be little hard parts such as a couple turns in a row, but nothing that a normal person couldn't learn in under a month. Some people might say that dance is just like gymnastics which is a sport, but gymnastics requires practice, skill, and talent which is NOT a definition for dance.

  • Dance is not considered a sport!

    Dance is not a sport due to the fact that everyone can do it. For example, a sport like golf or hockey is a sport because it takes much talent to play either of them. Now anyone can dance. That's why it doesn't count as a sport. Bring it haters.

  • Dance is not a sport!

    In dance, you don't compete every weekend and It is mainly about your posture and moves! You are not stealing balls or scoring goals. I think that only sports that compete a ton are considered sports and if you were physically scoring goals with your body. Plus, you are not exactly working as a team.

  • Dance isn't a sport.

    In dance, you don't work as a team, and you're not head to head. If you compare dance to football, dance doesn't have even close to as much physical activity. In sports like basketball and football, they are grossly sweaty, while in dance, they barely break a sweat. I consider gymnastics and cheer to be sports - but dance? No. Is dance even in the Olympics? Nope, that's what I thought. Dance isn't a sport; it is more of an activity.

  • No

    Real sports have no subjectivity to them. Dance scores can change largely regarding to how a judge feels the day. All dance is is the recital of a practiced routine, there is no thinking on the spot in dance so therefore dance is more of rehearsal, a hobby or a routine.

  • It's NOT a sport!!!

    Okay so a sport involves moving. Physical moment and that kind of stuff. Your not chasing balls like you would in softball and baseball. You're not running all around like you would in basketball or soccer. You are moving but it's not an actual sport. Think about it, all you do is spin around and jump up and down. There is no interacting as a team because your dancing with your team, but your not helping them.

  • Dance is not a sport because you are not competing against another team.

    In dancing, you do not compete against another team. All you do in dancing is compete against a panel of judges. The entire basis of if you win or not is based on the opinions of the judges. This is not based on how athletic the dancer may be. I do not view this as any type of sport.

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Anonymous says2013-03-16T19:56:33.470
Dance is hard thing to do in general do football players have to sit in a middle spit and we have the time starts over so before you start saying that its not a sport think about it
Anonymous says2013-04-20T22:33:49.797
Dance isn't a sport... That's a fact! Sports need a good audience! An audience that cheers and makes tons of noise when a perticular team or person does something great! And when someone else does something well they boo! Dance isn't a sport at all! Anyone can dance! They may not be very good at it but they still dance! In sports you don't perform to a song! DANCE ISN'T A SPORT AND NEVER WILL BE!!!!!!
Anonymous says2013-08-20T21:52:00.543
To those of you stating dance is not a sport because it is judged......What is gymnastics? Also, to those stating dance is not a sport because you are not a part of a team? My daughter competetively dances with a team and in solo competitions. It is judged the same as her gymnastics meets. Dance is a sport.
Maddox says2013-11-07T23:42:15.583
Dance is NOT a sport. Those who say it is are only people who participate in it and want dance to be recognized as sport only to say that they play a sport like most everyone else.
The reason I say this is because dance is qualitative, not quantitative. This means dance is based on quality rather than quantity. A real sport requires a point system that when it mathematically comes down to it, a robot can decide the winning team, side or individual. I know what you might be thinking. "But there is a point system in dance!" Yes, there is. But a pretty unofficial one to say at least. The point system in dance relies on judges who can be biased. This means that each point in dance is subject to debate. In a real sport, bias is still there, just not nearly as common. When it comes down to it, dance is just too unofficial. Whether it be a "pickup game" or a national league game, the point system remains the same and fairly accurate. In dance, points vary on what you can do, where you go and who decides. Therefore reinforcing my argument that dance is not a sport.
A lot of people say that dance is much harder than any sport and should be because of its physical demand. You know what else is physical? Weightlifting at the gym. It's much harder to bench press 75 pounds than throw around a ball. But that still doesn't mean it's a sport. Dance and weightlifting are both activities along with gymnastics. Just because it's physical doesn't mean it's a sport. For those who keep using the argument that dance is just like gymnastics is just hurting their argument. Neither are sports.
My last argument is that if we accept dance as a sport, then we accept almost anything physical and that can be used with a point system quantitatively or qualitatively can be a sport. I could call going to the toilet a sport, couldn't I? It's plenty physical and can be judged. No.
Dance is no more than a sport than going to the toilet. If you think dance is a sport, take a look at real sports before you go on a hissy fit about it being one.
AinzerDancer11 says2013-12-07T05:35:35.140
YES! People say that dance is not a sport for reasons such as it's not in the Olympics, it's not a "team" sport, it's boring to watch, it uses judges, it takes no physical or mental ability, and you dress up in costumes. If dance isn't in the olympics than neither should gymnastics, figure skating, or diving. All of these use a judging system. Figure skating uses costumes, yet it's considered a sport. As for it not taking team effort, you've obviously never seen people do lifts, falls, and other things non-dancers wouldn't understand. It's not boring to watch if you actually WATCH the ballet/dance. And for the record, over the summer, I do roughly 25 hours of dance a week. I take three classes a day, varying from barre, floor, jazz, modern, pre pointe, and even pollutes! You try doing two hours of pollutes. Most non-dancers would be in tears. That covers everything but mental strength. I have had to learn numerous French terms, pronunciations. For example. Rond de jambe, which means circle of the foot, and is excited by moving our foot around you in a circular motion. Dance qualifies as a sport whether or not you like it. If figure skating is considered a sport, than dance should be to!
briannamarie says2014-07-05T23:16:39.853
DANCE IS A SPORT! Dance is not a sport?!? I would like to see you go to a dance class, just for ONE WEEK and tell me that you didn't sweat, hurt, get pain, or even cry! Dance is completely, 100% a sport. Now, Dance is a sport... But that doesn't mean that it isn't also an art. We go through pain, bleeding, lifting, splitting, pointing, leaping... Have to learn EXTREMELY long choreography, and yet still do it with a smile. That's why all you guys who haven't even STEPPED INTO A DANCE CLASS are saying it's not a sport. Who are you to say it's not a sport. Oh, and I've heard people saying... "Oh well, it's a sport but ONLY if you are doing it competitively, like the NBA Finals or the SuperBowl. Ok, well for football, you can be playing it ANYWHERE ( your backyard, a field, during the SuperBowl, and yet it's STILL a sport!) But for dance, it HAS to be on a stage? I can be dancing at WHATEVER TIME, WHATEVER PLACE and it will STILL be a sport. Ok? Oh, and for people that say, well it's not a team, your not helping your team. What do you call the other dancers in your routine? A TEAM. And what do you call the person at the front leading them where to go or when other dancers are carried by the team? HELPING! We are not saying that basketball, soccer football, or even golf, etc. aren't a sport... So why you gotta be hating on our sport?!? I bet you can't do A QUARTER of what we do... IN A DAY! Oh, and so dance is not a sport because it's being judged? What's GYMNASTICS? And dancing doesn't involve talent? REALLY? OMG... I would like to see you do a split, a leap(with straight legs and perfect posture), an ariel, a neddle, THEN TELL US DANCE ISN'T A SPORT. And BTW, of course we are competing against other dancers/dance teams. WHAT DO YOU THINK WE GO TO COMPETITIONS FOR? TO COMPETE AGAINST OURSELVES?!? BTW, not all sports are in the Olympics. Look at football( not soccer/futbol) the one with the ball in your hands and with a touchdown. NOT IN THE OLYMPICS. When you go to Olympics.Org, and click on football (they mean futbol, like with the soccer ball). Now, are you gonna defend football? Of course you are. Because football is a real sport, right? Then why isn't it in the Olympics? Not all sports are in the Olympics. Football and baseball aren't in the Olympics yet they are "sports"? We don't hate on your sports like football basketball soccer baseball, so why you hate on ours? Dancers are not recognized enough as they should be. I would recognize them before you start running your little oblivious mouth about dance being a sport or not. You shouldn't have 1% of a say in this. Take a dance class, then tell me your opinion again.
SourFish says2014-11-10T16:57:58.747
"Dance isn't a sport... That's a fact! Sports need a good audience! An audience that cheers and makes tons of noise when a perticular team or person does something great! And when someone else does something well they boo! Dance isn't a sport at all! Anyone can dance! They may not be very good at it but they still dance! In sports you don't perform to a song! DANCE ISN'T A SPORT AND NEVER WILL BE!!!!!!"

What is gymnastics you ignorant twat????? Dance takes lots of concentration. You need artistic and physical ability to be in the dance field. AND you don't go anywhere in the dance world unless you are good; just the same as any other sport!
Anoyamas says2014-11-27T03:39:48.457
Dance is a sport!!!
Welliss says2015-04-05T02:47:24.123
You don't need to be Physically Active to do a sport. One word for you: Nascar.
Dancer321 says2015-04-18T19:51:09.427
Dance is the hardest thing I have ever tried to do in my life. For all of you non-dancer people: Have you ever gotten a concussion while doing an allusion during your jazz dance and kept on dancing. Dancers fight it to the end, while other "athletes" give up right on the spot if they are injured. A dancer still has to keep a smile on his or her face and dance through the pain. As for having an audience, dancers dance for audiences in NEW YORK CITY ALL the time! It seems to me that all of the people who are saying that dance is not a sport do not have valid reasons. Have you ever tried even an hour of ballet? Don't knock until you've tried it.
MyacronymissimplyCEE says2020-02-12T23:18:17.850
Only if it winds up like it would in a porn movie.

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