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Do you ever see dancing at the Olympics

  Dancing is not something that is a sport it Is more of an energetic hobby that you do even though you usually pay to go it is not as if you have special shoes for hip hop dancing or anything and I mean think about it. JUST THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AinzerDancer11 says2013-12-09T02:44:36.020
I thought... Yep it's still a sport.
AinzerDancer11 says2013-12-27T01:03:23.217
Dancing shoes that exist: Jazz, ballet, pre-pointe, pointe, character shoes, foot under wear, special sneakers, Converse, etc.
Shayshay07 says2014-04-15T04:16:54.957
It is VERY energetic and VERY much a sport. Just bc it's not in he Olympics means it's not a sport!?!?!!? Haha and by the way u don't even need to buy shoes. It's already a natural sport and talent
DancerrLifexxPLL says2014-05-17T08:30:47.503
Wait, so now since football (American) isn't in the Olympics it's not a sport? What about rugby or lacrosse. I'm pretty sure those are all considered sports, so tell me again why dance isn't a sport?
whatyousay says2015-10-22T16:17:15.670
I agree that dance is not a sport...BUT: There are special shoes for EVERY style of dance (including hip hop).
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