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I don't do dancing but I know its a sport

  I don't do dancing but I know how tiring It can get constantly moving, focussing on facial expressions and making sure you have a voice at the same time. I have watched many people dance and it takes skill to dance well. Remembering the dance numbers and actually performing them with character is extremely hard. Its like horse riding, I love the sport but everyone says it isn't. We risk our lives for horse riding, we put our trust in a creature with a mind of its own, we don't just sit there and dancers don't either. They do a lot of moving around and it looks really graceful! Keep it up because I appreciate and congratulate anyone who does dancing its an amazing sport and you shouldn't listen to the haters
AinzerDancer11 says2013-12-09T02:52:19.343
Thank you!
AinzerDancer11 says2013-12-09T02:52:39.730
Finally a non dancer understands!
whatyousay says2015-10-22T16:49:15.797
I'd like to point out as a dancer who believes that dance is not a sport that saying that dance is not a sport is not an insult and not all of us are "haters". I personally love dance and have been doing it for 17 years.
keelan.dun says2016-10-19T04:17:33.490
This is nice! Good to see a non dancer in the pro side.
Conservative_03 says2018-01-19T17:20:04.577
Just because its hard, doesn't make it a sport
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