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It's competitive, it's a sport.

  Lots of athletic morons might disagree, but pretty much everything is a sport. For gods sake, Stallone starred in a movie (not a comedy mind you) about arm wrestling. Dancing is done competitively, it's a sport. All you sports junkies who disagree with me should consider what a sport is, then try to tell me I'm wrong. See you in the comments section.
jtinmoscow says2013-07-24T16:41:42.483
Woops i'm a dancer too, i b-boy which is probably one of the most physical if not the most, dance form and i have to say i disagree with you. If you think dance is a competitive thing, then you ain't a dancer. Dancin is a lifestyle, it's a way of expression motivated by your pure love for dancing and passion. Competitions simply exists becos many dancers have to find a way to make money and s*** becos our society doesn't support us dancers. And in the case of b-boyin' we got battles and competitions too and it gets real intense during battles. But in the end, it ain't about winning it's about sharing different styles and flava and knowledge and simply enjoying the culture of street mentality. Everyone shakes hands and compliment each other "damn son your moves were dope". And plus the prize money for b-boy events ain't that big either. I don't know what kind of dance you do but every single type of dance, when it first started, started out as an artform not some sort of sport or game to show off and prove that you're better than other people.
Babeslayer says2013-07-24T20:43:46.717
The more you know
jtinmoscow says2013-07-24T20:56:23.570
Ye you prob can't argue against me
Babeslayer says2013-07-24T22:27:43.720
I'm not
Anonymous says2013-07-30T05:59:03.857
Dancers have to be as fit or more fit than rugby players. It is more physical than darts and bowling. To me it is considered a sport.
Godgirl says2015-11-05T17:39:45.217
I agree that it's a sport, but lots of other activities are competitive and not sports, like chess.
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