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Its not a sport deal with it

  Its an activity because there is no ball involved. All sports have balls involved. Plus, its not considered a sport in school because in my high school you can only sign up for one sport each sport season and there are people who do dancing and a sport. Plus, the dance you are doing on stage is already planned, you know what is going to happen. In a real sport the chances are endless and you have no idea what to expect. That is why dancing is not a sport.
AinzerDancer11 says2013-12-09T02:46:28.350
Let's think about this... Diving, skiing, gymnastics, sheering, snow boarding, swimming, and many more sports don't have balls involved.
Paris68 says2013-12-12T21:53:13.603
What about gymnastics that has a routine, is gymnastics not a sport?
danceaddict says2014-03-01T22:19:04.917
Yeah, gymnastics is in the olympics so it HAS to be a sport and that has no ball in it.
Shayshay07 says2014-04-15T04:14:08.187
Really bc it doesn't have a ball!Haha there r some sports that don't even need a ball😂 what about gymnastics or rug bee or even track. I can name a ton right now lol
tristansky says2014-12-03T02:38:10.850
An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment
person27 says2015-07-04T17:43:04.233
There are many sports without balls as the person above me named a few, and dance is one of them. Also I don't know what kind of system your school has, but in mine you have the option to count dance as a fine art or a sport, because it can fit into either category. So what people could be doing is counting dance as a fine art just in order to do another sport. They could also only do the sport through the school and dance though a studio, therefore also being able to do both. As for you saying in dance you know what to expect and in sports you don't, that's not entirely true. Have you ever heard of a mistake? Yeah we'll make one and your timing will be off and you need to figure out how to get it back, and heck I know people who have even missed their entrances and had to plan want to do in those seconds and make it look effortless and like there was nothing wrong. Dance is a sport.
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