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Dancers get more than enough credit as it is

  Dancers already get credit for being graceful and beautiful and getting years of difficult training. None of witch are easy. Athleticism wise, it is not a sport. Because what people do in dance may not be much help to an athletic body with the exception of flexibility. Methiods used in dancing are not used in any sports. Yes, I know you may gain some mucle but the gaining of mucle is not even close to the mucle you gain in a sport for example: swimming
danceaddict says2014-03-01T22:38:11.503
If you think we only gain a little bit of muscle, you have either never dance in your life, or have danced and are very bad at it. Because my friend has been swimming for as long as I have been dancing, and I have got more muscle than her. And she's a pretty fast swimmer.
Shayshay07 says2014-04-15T04:25:13.380
Have u ever danced!?!?Hahaha
pixie0231 says2015-03-19T05:34:38.687
You have never danced before, are you saying that standing on the top of your toes, do multiple turns and jumping high and over all looking graceful isn't hard, well how about you go and take a class and see how long you will last. And also professional ballet dancers train as many hours as Olympic athletics and look up the meaning of dancing on Google. If you can't be bothered it says : Dancing involves physical exertion, skill. Individuals (or teams) compete against another for entertainment. Google and the dictionary agree that dancing is a sport why don't you?
keelan.dun says2016-10-19T04:23:19.407
Oh my god have you seen a ballet dancers abs? Quads? Calves? Their back? Their arms? Their feet? Please do some research before you make a silly statement like this :)
matiesse says2017-04-04T13:52:15.697
First of all learn how to spell and second, you say that in your regular sports you don't require the skills that a dancer has, but have you heard that most football players take ballet classes...
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