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What sport has fancy costumes

  What sport has fancy costumes? Dancing isn't a sport becaus it's not very hard exercise. The hard spurts of exercise don't last very long and dancers are known to become anorexic. What sport has fancy costumes? If you were ment to swet you wouldn't have on some glittery tights on. Also it's a false spence of a sport when you need to use real sports skills in gym class you'd be in for a rood awakening.
danceaddict says2014-03-01T22:16:28.433
And your spelling skills show just how dumb your version of 'sport' makes you.
danceaddict says2014-03-01T22:42:16.423
Dancers dont become anorexic. We need the right body shape to please the judges and we are born with it. And you saying that has probably made a lot of people cry and think they are anorexic when they are not.
Shayshay07 says2014-04-15T04:19:27.743
Stop making up stuff about dancers if u aren't one! DANCERS R NOT ANOREXIC. Foot ball players can be in "glittery tights" and "tutus"does that not make football a sport??
littleyu says2015-03-27T07:04:19.080
Okay dancers are definitely not anorexic all of my friends are definitely not anorexic. And honestly there are dancers that no offense but are in the "wider" scale. Also sports has nothing to do with "costumes" or whatever you want to call it. Why don't you go look at figure skating.
pixie0231 says2015-07-20T05:12:22.330
Look person who ever you are I am not anorexic 1. I am naturally skinny yes you can see my rib cage so what and i don't starve myself and I love food. Costumes is like a pair of running shoes or a tennis dress, and we don't wear glittery lights either. And how about you do some research before you start saying stuff about dancers that aren't true/ you are telling lies about dancers and trust me we don't appreciate it. (I hope you are good at whatever sport you do because you are not good at English what so ever.)
whatyousay says2015-10-22T16:16:32.333
I agree that dance is not a sport, but I suggest you take a ballet class if you truly believe that dancers do not sweat.
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