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Not a sport

  Just because you have to work hard doesn't make it a sport. Sports don't have judges, they have coaches. Sports have tryouts, not auditions. Sports teams don't spend time with makeup and hair. Sports teams have fields or arenas, not theaters or studios. Sports don't have costumes, they have jerseys . Yes in dance and sports you have to be physically fit and mentally strong, you have to practice multiple times a week and there are competitions for both. And you cant say that whoever says its not a sport is wrong, dance wasnt intended for it to be competitive in the first place either, it was supposed to be traditional an a eay of expressing yourself through movement. (by the way, yes i know how hard it is i did dance for 8 years) Dance Isnt a sport it is an art, and I don't understand why people won't accept that dance is special in its own way
AinzerDancer11 says2013-12-27T01:08:10.870
Two words; figure skating
danceaddict says2014-03-01T22:32:29.407
Exactly, figure skating is basically dancing, but on ice and in skates.
Shayshay07 says2014-04-15T04:22:18.520
It is a sport I've been a dancer for 10 years ( by the way dancers do have coaches they r just called instructors or teachers soooo what's the difference????
littleyu says2015-03-27T07:01:08.793
Just because "dancing was supposed to be a traditional way of expressing yourself" doesn't mean it can't be a sport. Just like the people above said: figure skating. And all those things you said doesn't have to do with sport. Go look up the definition of a sport and it mentions nothing about expressing, costumes, place, etc. And btw coaches and judges are NOT the same thing. A coach would be a teacher and judge would technically be the referee .
person27 says2015-07-04T17:29:51.757
Um when you said "dance has ___ and sports have ___", you do know many of those are synonymous, correct? You should really look it up in the dictionary.
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