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No, a competition but not a sport

  All sports are competitions, but not all competitions are sports. Dancing can be a competition. It certainly involves physical movement, but so does darts, bowling, etc. They involve moving and point scoring, but can they be called sports? No. In a competition there is a goal or action that is scored, scores are compared between competitors, but there is no direct physical interaction between competitors that could be described as offense and defense. There would certainly be some competitions that fall into a gray area between competition and sport. Some racing events are largely without offense and defense except perhaps at key moments like along turns, and coasting behind the lead runner or lead car. But things like soccer, baseball, football, tennis, etc that contain offensive and defensive aspects fall into what I consider sports.
Babeslayer says2013-07-24T13:39:46.580
Golf is a sport. How is dance not?
PiningForASilverLining says2013-07-24T18:34:22.663
Golf is not a sport by my definition. It is a competition, just like competitive dancing. There is no offense or defense in golf
Babeslayer says2013-07-24T20:46:57.163
Oh, by YOUR definition? Who made you king of sports? It's televised, played competitively, uses physical activity. IT'S A SPORT. What is your definition of a sport? The players have to be manly and tough? How is teenis a sport? Because it involves offense and defense, according to you. But wait, up in the sky! It's chess. A competition played involving offense and defense. So by your backwards definition, chess is a sport (which it is, but here's my point), so if something as basic as chess is a sport, then why don't you just get over your smug sense of superiority and understand that sports are competitions. F*** me, Halo online is a sport by your definition, and that's pushing it for me.
jtinmoscow says2013-07-24T21:04:52.193
This dude obviously failed to correctly define sports and as more things get commercialized and are turned into competition-type things when it really shouldn't, the boundary between sports and not-sports become blurry. But dance should be kept as an artform not a sport. In sport you can prove that you're better than the opponent by scoring more goals, baskets, or points. But in dance, in the rawest form, you don't dance to score, you simply dance becos you just f***ing love dancing. So to all the dancers who think dancing should be a sport, either quit dancing or really think again and truly dance with your passion. Otherwise, y'all are just bunch of money-hungry, fame-hungry fake dancers trying to adulterate the sacred culture of dancing. Keep it to the roots y'all.
PiningForASilverLining says2013-07-24T22:20:46.573
I don't know what the big deal is. Why do dancers care if what they do is called a "sport"? Also, the chess thing. I said there are gray areas didn't I? I suppose I should have made it clear that anything played on a board game or video game format is not a sport. You can play chess with a computer or vs someone who cannot walk or even move their arms. Babeslayer is seriously concerned about ensuring we view dance as being a "sport". And all sports aren't concerned with pure machoness. Soccer is a finesse game that borders on artistic when played well, but it's still a sport. A dancer might be athletic and even very good at various sports, but the dancing itself is not sport. Let it go
PiningForASilverLining says2013-07-24T22:23:11.043
Also notice I said "no direct physical interaction between competitors that could be described as offense and defense".
PiningForASilverLining says2013-07-24T22:28:21.970
The best soccer player in the world is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 150 lbs (Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona). Plenty of dancers could beat him up in a fight, but he plays a sport nonetheless, LOL
PiningForASilverLining says2013-07-24T23:23:07.240
Babeslayer says2013-07-25T21:01:22.690
Chill (internet definition): Synonymous with the terms "shut up", "whatever man" and "everyone's entitled to their own opinion", meaning they're ways for people to say "okay you win".
Anonymous says2013-07-30T05:56:05.343
Darts and bowling are considered sports!!
Anonymous says2013-07-30T06:02:39.357
Umm... So PiningForASilverLining do you think all sports have to be a team sport. Look up sports that are played at the olympics. Rhythmic Gymnastics is considered a sport, it is a type of dance!!!
danceaddict says2014-03-01T22:26:31.997
Dance is a sport. There are many sports in the olympics that dont have offense and defence and no physical contact. In gymnastics they do a type of dancing and it's still considered a sport. And others such as swimming, snowboarding, and even simple running.
tristansky says2014-12-03T02:37:53.097
An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment...
pixie0231 says2015-03-19T05:36:34.643
You have never danced before, are you saying that standing on the top of your toes, do multiple turns and jumping high and over all looking graceful isn't hard, well how about you go and take a class and see how long you will last. And also professional ballet dancers train as many hours as Olympic athletics and look up the meaning of dancing on Google. If you can't be bothered it says : Dancing involves physical exertion, skill. Individuals (or teams) compete against another for entertainment. Google and the dictionary agree that dancing is a sport why don't you?
littleyu says2015-03-27T06:52:19.273
Dancing has competition. Heck we compete in competitions. Your typical sports like basketball and soccer or whatever have competition but they're called games. We legit compete in things called competition. Actually when you have practice for like soccer, do you guys even have competition? (Tbh I honestly don't know but I don't really think so) but anyways, when dancers practice there is still competition within the team because (ignore the fact that sometimes people stand in the front of the formation because they're short) formations are usually based on who is the best dancer and who is the worst dancer. So there is competition within practice to stay int he front for all formation and positions.
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