• It's competitive, it's a sport.

    Lots of athletic morons might disagree, but pretty much everything is a sport. For gods sake, Stallone starred in a movie (not a comedy mind you) about arm wrestling. Dancing is done competitively, it's a sport. All you sports junkies who disagree with me should consider what a sport is, then try to tell me I'm wrong. See you in the comments section.

  • I don't do dancing but I know its a sport

    I don't do dancing but I know how tiring It can get constantly moving, focussing on facial expressions and making sure you have a voice at the same time. I have watched many people dance and it takes skill to dance well. Remembering the dance numbers and actually performing them with character is extremely hard. Its like horse riding, I love the sport but everyone says it isn't. We risk our lives for horse riding, we put our trust in a creature with a mind of its own, we don't just sit there and dancers don't either. They do a lot of moving around and it looks really graceful! Keep it up because I appreciate and congratulate anyone who does dancing its an amazing sport and you shouldn't listen to the haters

  • It is, and boy do I know it.

    As part of a break-dancing crew in high school, I strongly feel that it's a sport. You get a total workout, we have competitions, and you get hurt sometimes. Isn't that what a sport is?
    You do get sprains sometimes and also you build muscle. All the sports I know feature that.

  • Totally a sport

    Dancing is so a sport because you have to work your but off and who doesn't sweat after dancing. Dancing takes a lot of skill and is extremely hard. I dance and in a comp I had to dance straight for 5 minutes. You try and do that peeps that say no. You are totally wrong if you think no. DANCING IS A SPORT!

  • Just look at a dictionary

    An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.
    This is the definition on Google.
    Dancing involves physical exertion, skill. Individuals (or teams) compete against another for entertainment.
    The dictionary agrees that dancing is a sport, why don't you?

  • Boys,you are pathetic. It Is a sport!

    Boys, I'd like to see you do a split in the air and land in a pile and I'd like to see you do a quadruple pirouette and is like to see you do a split and jump till you sweat ..And don't forget to point your toes during all that, ..And don't forget to do all that while smiling. Because all football people do is run around in tights all for a pathetic ball.

  • It is a sport

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  • What about competitive dance

    Because if u do do completive dance you are dance up against other people.And when u go up against other people its like u are playing u against team b and if u get a higher score than team b then u win thats what u do when u compete. Like in soccer u go up against others also football,volleyball,and another sport.And dance is not all about the fancy costumes its about learning how to balance and most important having fun.And FOOTBALL PLAYERS TAKE DANCE TO IMPROVE THERE BALANCE.So without ballet there where would your fav football players would be today NOWHERE.So just think about it without dance football would SUCK.And we dancers can do better than all of u at dance we can split,kick high,turn,and do a ton more.Sorry if i got so into this its just dance is my life and i hate when people say dance is not a sport well when u compete like me u go up against other like another sport so yeah thats all i have to say about that.

  • Physical exertion, sport it is

    The dictionary clearly states that every sport needs physical activity. If you look up the definition of dance, it also states that dancing requires physical activity, like exercise, balance, flexibility, etc, like gymnastics. So, if gymnastics is in the olympics and it is considered a sport, dancing is too, officially.

  • Of course it is.

    Dancing takes as much of EVEN MORE energy than football of any other sport. It is so healthy for you. PEOPLE ARE LIKE WELL DANCE IS NOW A SPORT

    yes it is

    So for anyone out there that thinks that dance is not a sport they are wrong! Think of really good dancers like Sophia Lucia or Maddie Ziegler er something, think of how hard they train to dance. Its hard

  • It’s not a sport

    Dance isn’t a sport i could twirl around twice and jump and call that dancing i could fall and call it a dance it isn’t a sport there isn’t a certain goal in dancing all you have to do is move around and do weird arm and leg movements and call it a dance

  • Its an art form

    The is no fact of knowing who wins instead its determined by opinion whereas in a sport you know how wins because of the score, Distance or time (I also don't think diving and gymnastics are not sports). I do understand that dance can be hard as sports but is classified as a performing art.

  • Anyone can dance

    Dancing is which an activity everyone can do with a little bit of music no need to pay for dancing lessons, Turn on some music find a beat and choreograph your own routine. Not everyone is able to do other sports like basketball, Gymnastics, Soccer, Softball, Baseball, Or tennis. Dancing is not that hard.

  • Its just not

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  • Dance n'est pas

    It is an art what proof do you have to say that dance is a sport. For exemple theres no final plays like ( with one minute left she takes the lead with 20 twirls and the other person looks like shes going to lose ) thank you for your time.

  • Anyone can do it

    Yes, It does take endurance and training but anyone can do it. Not everyone can skate, Not everyone can swim. But everyone can dance. And a sport is something where there is direct competition. Not where you compete against a team and have a judge decide whether you are good or not, Or win or whatever. In a sport, Your team or you individually have to beat everyone else, No judge decides that for you, You have to beat everyone, And there is no one that can determine that for you expect you.

  • It's judged, so no.

    Since it is judged, it is an art form, not a sport. While sports do have referees and officials, they do not judge who is the best. In dancing, gymnastics, ice skating and synchronized swimming judges rate the performance. Winners are based off opinions vs who was fastest how how many goals were made. They are definitely athletic, just not a sport.

  • It is not

    Dancing is not a sport. However, it is a physical activiy that involves work. The definition of a sport is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. Dance meets all of these requirments except for the competition one. However, sub types of sports such as cheerleading and ballet, are sports.

  • If dance is a sport, so is yard work.

    Think about it. If dancing is a sport because it's 'competitive' and requires 'finesse,' so is yard work. It requires finesse and skill to mow the lawn, and it's just as competitive as dancing. In addition to this comparison, I would also like to know what the objective of dance is. To get a biased nerd to tell you how well you danced? In yard work, you actually have to get something specifically done. Plus, yardwork has the potential to be even more competitive than dance.

  • Dancing is definitely NOT a sport

    Come on, you can't really think dance is a sport, right? If you've ever been serious about dance, then you definitely know how "undemanding" it can be on both your social life and your body. With all the summer conditioning, practicing, competitions and performances, there's no way. I mean, you don't score goals or throw a ball back and forth, you have to dress up in costumes and wear lots of makeup. So, clearly this can't count as a sport if you have to look all pretty, right? Let's go through a few reasons why dancing most definitely is not a sport.

    1. It requires zero physical activity.

    2. You can't get injuries in dance.

    It's actually impossible to roll your ankle after landing a jump or fall after a stunt. It never happens. No one can get injured while dancing.

    3. Don't they always do the splits? Come on, anyone can do the splits if they tried.

    Leaping into the splits is actually super easy and requires no physical training or flexibility. Anyone can do it, just like how anyone can can hold an arabesque on pointe and on one leg. Clearly, there is no strength required.

    4. Dancers don't wear uniforms.

    These have glitter on them. Uniforms don't have glitter. This doesn't count even; though, we all look the same in this picture.

    7. There are no team bonds or lifelong friendships that come from dancing with people.

    Spending hours upon hours and going to practices and competing together does not form friendships. As you can see in this picture here, there is no bonding going on. It's not like this picture shows my friends and I are encouraging each other before we compete at state.

    You can probably tell from all these very true facts that dancing is obviously not a sport. There's just not the same sense of teamwork, physical training or competing like all the other sports out there.

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