• It's competitive, it's a sport.

    Lots of athletic morons might disagree, but pretty much everything is a sport. For gods sake, Stallone starred in a movie (not a comedy mind you) about arm wrestling. Dancing is done competitively, it's a sport. All you sports junkies who disagree with me should consider what a sport is, then try to tell me I'm wrong. See you in the comments section.

  • Dancing Is A Sport

    Dancing is definitely a sport, because sports don't have to be a team thing. It can be individuals as well. Rhythmic Gymnastics is a form of dance. Ice Figure Skating is in the Winter Olympics, it is also a form of dance. Synchronized Swimming is in the Olympics, it is another another form of dance. Dance should be considered a sport, since these forms of dance are!

  • I'm a dancer, It's a sport!!

    I think it's a sport, because OSAA says it is!! And because you compete just like every other sport!! So for all you people who play other sports, and say dancing is not a sport.. You go get on a dance team and learn 6 or 7 different routines that you have to memorize and then preform them over a million times during a comp. It's also very good cardio. And helps with muscle memory!

  • Yes it is

    If you try to do what dancers do I swear you will have a heart attack we work so hard and so much time and effort goes into it! Blood sweat and tears! You get so tired but you have to continue. We have to stretch, dance, and eve practise stuff we have for perfect but we have to make it completely perfect!!

  • Dancing is a sport!

    Our "games" is our competitions. We practice too. We also learn! We learn a lot! We perform too. We sweat and we cry! Our uniforms is our costumes. Our coach is our instructor. We have to do hair and makeup too. Never say dancing is not a sport cause it is.

  • Of course dancing is a sport!

    Say you were a swimmer, training as hard as you can every day, trying to beat your personal best. Or a netball player, always practicing your shooting or your passing for the grand final on the weekend. I honestly do not see the difference between these things and, say, a dancer perfecting her pirouettes or fouettes on pointe for an upcoming eisteddfod. Like all other sports, dancing requires determination, practice, and a lot of solid effort.

  • Dance Is A Sport!

    Cheerleading is counted as a sport? Yes, and it is kind of the same category as Dance. How is dance not a sport? It's different like hockey, and basketball are completely different and swimming? Completely different so why is dance not a sport? We work our very hard like in all the other sports. We become fit, we gain stamina and balance just like any other sport, and we gain flexibility. If dance isn't a sport why is gymnastics? The definition of sport is: an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment -Wikipedia. How doesn't dance fit into that explanation? I don't understand you're point.

  • Just look at a dictionary

    An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.
    This is the definition on Google.
    Dancing involves physical exertion, skill. Individuals (or teams) compete against another for entertainment.
    The dictionary agrees that dancing is a sport, why don't you?

  • We work really Hard

    To do it. You have to be mental and physical strong. You have to have energy and muscles to do the moves and you have to have great creativity to make up the dance. You have to know the the music and be able to move with a lot of energy.

  • It is a sport

    In order to dance you need to be as strong as if you were a gymnast.And mentaly strong as well
    its an activity involving physical exortion, skill andteams or individuals compete agains each other in order to win.
    And you have to have a goal set like becoming a national title holder or even a champion

  • No, a competition but not a sport

    All sports are competitions, but not all competitions are sports. Dancing can be a competition. It certainly involves physical movement, but so does darts, bowling, etc. They involve moving and point scoring, but can they be called sports? No. In a competition there is a goal or action that is scored, scores are compared between competitors, but there is no direct physical interaction between competitors that could be described as offense and defense. There would certainly be some competitions that fall into a gray area between competition and sport. Some racing events are largely without offense and defense except perhaps at key moments like along turns, and coasting behind the lead runner or lead car. But things like soccer, baseball, football, tennis, etc that contain offensive and defensive aspects fall into what I consider sports.

  • Its not a sport deal with it

    Its an activity because there is no ball involved. All sports have balls involved. Plus, its not considered a sport in school because in my high school you can only sign up for one sport each sport season and there are people who do dancing and a sport. Plus, the dance you are doing on stage is already planned, you know what is going to happen. In a real sport the chances are endless and you have no idea what to expect. That is why dancing is not a sport.

  • What sport has fancy costumes

    What sport has fancy costumes? Dancing isn't a sport becaus it's not very hard exercise. The hard spurts of exercise don't last very long and dancers are known to become anorexic. What sport has fancy costumes? If you were ment to swet you wouldn't have on some glittery tights on. Also it's a false spence of a sport when you need to use real sports skills in gym class you'd be in for a rood awakening.

  • Do you ever see dancing at the Olympics

    Dancing is not something that is a sport it Is more of an energetic hobby that you do even though you usually pay to go it is not as if you have special shoes for hip hop dancing or anything and I mean think about it. JUST THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dancers get more than enough credit as it is

    Dancers already get credit for being graceful and beautiful and getting years of difficult training. None of witch are easy. Athleticism wise, it is not a sport. Because what people do in dance may not be much help to an athletic body with the exception of flexibility. Methiods used in dancing are not used in any sports. Yes, I know you may gain some mucle but the gaining of mucle is not even close to the mucle you gain in a sport for example: swimming

  • Not a sport

    Just because you have to work hard doesn't make it a sport. Sports don't have judges, they have coaches. Sports have tryouts, not auditions. Sports teams don't spend time with makeup and hair. Sports teams have fields or arenas, not theaters or studios. Sports don't have costumes, they have jerseys . Yes in dance and sports you have to be physically fit and mentally strong, you have to practice multiple times a week and there are competitions for both. And you cant say that whoever says its not a sport is wrong, dance wasnt intended for it to be competitive in the first place either, it was supposed to be traditional an a eay of expressing yourself through movement. (by the way, yes i know how hard it is i did dance for 8 years) Dance Isnt a sport it is an art, and I don't understand why people won't accept that dance is special in its own way

  • No it is not.

    Dancing is not a sport! You can't get stats, and dance is more like an art all over the world.
    For the people who think it is a sport should think about what is different in a sport and dancing, in dancing you do get judged but you can not get any points relative to sports. In sports like football or soccer, they do get statism for their effort in playing the game.

  • Dancing just isn't a sport.

    I agree that it requires skill and training and there is competition, but it's just not a sport. In sports, there is no routine or something you have to memorize. You just do it and make decisions on the spot. For example, in soccer, you get the ball and you make a decision. You don't know what is really going to happen next. I know in dance, you sometimes have to make a routine on the spot, but it is still a ROUTINE. And anyone can dance. It can be taught and learned with the right amount of training. For instance, if you don't know how to figure the beat, someone can teach it to you. But in sports such as basketball or soccer or volleyball, some people are born with it. That's why some people are amazingly good. Also, there is no goal in dance. By that I mean when you dance, you don't think of winning. You just try to perform and do your best. That's why sports is a SPORT. You have a goal and that's winning. I am a soccer player and a volleyball player, plus a competitive dancer.

  • No way Jose

    A sport is always competitive and you are always required to try and out wit your opponent whereas in dancing you can just do it by your self without having to think about trying to beat somebody else. Personally, I count dancing as an Art, not a sport. But that is just my opinion, however my opinion is obviously correct ;-)

  • It is not a sport!!!

    If you are that passionate about dancing then you should know that it is an art! They also do not have it in the Olympics therefore its not a sport. Finally they do not work as hard as gymnasts (like me😆) and they wear preety tutus, athletes don't wear tutus!!

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