• Yes dancing is harder than singing!

    Dancing involves junmping running and spinning wich is hard for me of course. Singing is just like talking. Even little kids that are about 2 years can sing Adele songs. Cant you belive that. I HAVE A COUSIN THAT IS 1 AND SINGS SONGS THAT I CAN NOT SING OR LEARN AND VERY CHALLENGING FOR ME. You try dancing for 20 minutes and singing for 20 minutes. You will find you answer. So i think that dancing is harder than singing. GO out an ask your friends that they might say yes.....It is common for people to say yes!!!!!!!!!

  • Dancing is harder.

    When you dance you have to think of multiple things. Where you arms should be, where your legs should be, where you need to be in 5 second, which way to turn, and many other things depending on the dance. Also, when dancing in groups, you have to make sure everyone is in their spot the whole time. Its easier to spot one person out of place than it is to hear one person out of tune.

  • Dancing needs a flexible body!

    While in singing all it takes is just to practice your vocals and speech. Dancing requires body coordination and as a dancer, having a physically fit body is very important. I dance with a tambourine instrument and as a dancer I need to adjust with musicians and so on musicians too so you would go with the rhythm. To become graceful while dancing your body must be warmed up to be flexible.

  • Dancing is harder

    Not many people realise how much work, time and effort goes into dancing. That you can injure any part of your body at any time. That true dancers have a relationship to the music they dance to, the vibe they feel in their body and can truly move to it giving emotion and setting the mood across the audience and make them feel is much more difficult then singing. (Not that I don't respect singers you're work is just as wonderful as ours)

  • Dancing is harder depending on how you do it

    I personally think dancing is harder than singing (I know because I am a dancer and a singer). I like both of them, but I think that if you are a dancer and you dance a lot, it might not be that hard for you. But if you dance for a long time, it might get hard. On the other hand, most people prefer dancing. I like both, but I get more sweaty dancing. So that's why dancing is sometimes harder than singing, depending on how you do it.

  • Dancing is harder than singing

    To me dancing is harder because you have to use your arms and your legs. Plus I am a dancer, so I know how hard it is. If you disagree with me, I am fine with it. But as for me being a dancer, I know which one is harder

  • Both are hard but..

    Yes, i know singing is very hard, but i think dancing is much harder.
    Singing: You have to focus on song lyrics, tune, dynamics, and rhythm.
    Dance: You must focus on song lyrics, timing,rhythm feet, arms, chest, facials, spacial awareness, and this applys differently to each style of dance. As it does with each style of singing, but with dancing it has to change DRASTICALLY. Ex. Contemporary to jazz. And also take a look at professional ballerinas. They take somewhat up to 12 years (least) training. And its extremely difficult to get into the dance business. I think that about singing as well, but i think its easier to get into that business.

  • Dancing is so much harder

    I'm both a singer and a dancer, and it irritates me when people say that singing is harder. In order to be a dancer, you must start young and practice all the time to get better. Dancing is physically exhausting and requires extreme mental and physical flexibility. Just for a simple tendu in ballet, there are so many things you have to think about, like turnout, pointed foot, arm position, lifted chest.... I think it's hilarious that anyone actually thinks that singing is harder than dancing!!!!! How is this even an argument, dancing is undoubtedly harder than singing

  • Yes when performing

    When it comes to performing, singing is definitely harder than dancing. Anyone can memorise a dance routine but when you sing on stage, even the slightest mistake can be heard. You also need proper control and a well developed technique to sing whereas dancing, you can just make it look like improvisation when you make a mistake. You can always replicate a dance but each time you sing, even the same song, it will always be different.

  • Singing is harder

    Singing is harder because the singer has to bear the entire responsibility of presenting an entertaining performance, even more so if the it is an acapella or a solo one. With dancing, a professionally recorded song is already playing which automatically makes the performance appealing.
    Also, even the slightest slip in scale and tempo can cause you to lose confidence and mess up the rest of the song, if you're a singer. I think it is easier to recover from a small mistake, when you're dancing.
    Apart from that, both arts require equal dedication and skill.

  • Singing is harder

    When singing you need to listen to the rythmyn and when dancing it doesn't matter also for singing you need to have actual talent as for dancing anyone can dance even a old person. Another thing is singing reduces stress levels while dance may increase some stress levels. Singing also takes more courage and preparation and dance doesn't.

  • Singing by far

    Anyone can dance. It is just moving your body to the type of music. You just gotta go with the groove. Someone can learn to dance extremely well by going through pro-training. Singing on the other hand is pure talent, the toughest part being singing in scale. I know so many people who cannot catch the scale in the intro. You have to memorize the lyrics, the melody, there are dynamics, breath control too. Dancing is just going with the groove.

  • Singing is harder

    I am just an 11 year old, but I'm extremely talented in all the arts. Anyone who meets me points out my talents like writing, poetry, dancing, singing, painting, musical instruments, play writing, photography, song writing , choreography, sewing and knitting, beading, and cooking, but mostly I find dance and music intriguing. According to me dance can be difficult at times, especially if classical (ballet, Indian classical dances(Kathak, Bharatnatyam,etc.)) , but overall music is harder. You need breath, understanding rythum and pitch,low and high notes,etc.

  • Singing is harder

    Singing is harder because even though you have to run and jump in dance, when you sing you have to do just as much. When you sing you are using various muscles just like dance but however singing is harder because unlike dance you can not really learn how to sing good you're either born with it or your not.

  • Singing requires proper voice control and power while dancers can just follow the beat and choreography.

    Singing and dancing are two different types of artistic talents, but when debated this topic is more abstract than most parts. First off, dancing in a way resembles more of body movement and some could probably learn the choreography in a week or so. Eg, following beats to the music, more control of your body. But, with singing, there is so much more too it than just simply using body movement. Singing requires certain amounts of breaths, carefully selecting where your voice is submitted and also changing tones almost in every verse. I feel like singing includes more body power and brain power on the inside because it takes time for singers to develop a strong and good voice, same as dancing.

  • Singing requires voice quality (which I meant to say the sound of your voice)

    Singing for me is harder because not everyone can be given a spotlight in singing. If you've got an ugly voice, no matter how much you practice, your voice still sounds the same even if you're on the right note. Dancing on the other hand, despite the need for coordination (which singing may also require if you play instruments other than your voice), with practice you can easily perform a dance.

  • What defines challenging?

    Dancers think that dancing is hard because of challenges they face physically. They have to memorize movements and rhythm. We have to memorize song lyrics, tune, dynamics, and rhythm. A.K.A. More mental challenge. They physically SEE what they are moving. Unless you're superhuman you can't physically SEE your vocal chords moving. There is no physical justification of whether you are doing it correct or not. Singing is a constant struggle. Sing for two hours and you will be sweating like a pig. This is like the debate between boys and girls. Boys are physically stronger while girls are mentally stronger. What do you need to be successful? Physical strength or mental strength? Obviously, mental strength. Therefore, it should be obvious that singing is much harder (and much better) than dancing xD

  • Depends on the style of dancing E.G Ballet is harder than singing

    It actually depends on the style of dancing for example, Ballet in my opinion is one of the hardest dances and is harder than singing. You need to worry about your musicality, performance, point, turnout, weight placement, posture, co-ordination, articulated footwork, line, remember names of moves and routines, control, performance space, interpretation, dynamic values, timing, stamina blah blah blah and the most important thing is that ballerinas have to be smart in cases when the timing is wrong and you have to think of when to skip a move in order for the timing to be correct again. The list goes on.

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