• "Dancing with the Stars" is one of the highest rated tv shows each year.

    Since it's introduction in 2005, "Dancing with the Stars" has been a highly-praised, Emmy-award-winning television show. It has drawn much interest into the world of professional dance, and also gives viewers an opportunity to see noted celebrities learning dance. It has also become an international hit, reaching the top ten in 17 countries.

  • "Dancing with the Stars"

    Yes I do think that the show "Dancing With the Stars" is a good show. It is not a great show or a a bad show. It is entertaining and is pretty well known and popular. I know many people who have either heard of this show or actively watch it.

  • An entertainment show that actually entertains!

    I'm not a big fan of reality or celebrity competition shows as a whole. However, Dancing with the Stars feels different to me. There is a genuine desire amongst lots of the celebrities to learn to dance, rather than being solely out for publicity. They have to work really hard, and some of them are fantastic. Of all these type of shows, this is the one that I find genuinely entertaining.

  • No, Dancing With The Stars is not a good show.

    No, Dancing With The Stars is not a good show. The viewing public is getting tired of silly reality shows, and Dancing With The Stars is one of the silliest. These shows become boring and tedious very fast, and their viewing audience is shrinking. The "stars" need to go back to what they do best - acting, singing, etc. - leaving the dancing to the true dancers. The days of Dancing With The Stars are numbered as people find better things to do with their time than watch this show.

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