• There's a good cast.

    Yes, Dancing with the Stars is a compelling show to watch, because it is fun to watch people who are celebrities try something that is new to them. This upcoming cast is going to be very good, with the skating gold medalists from Sochi, Candice Cameron, and the math genius girl from the Wonder Years. I can't wait.

  • Yes it is.

    It is a compelling show, because you get to see a random people coupled with a star and you get to see whether a star has any moves. It also places emphasis on the star's personality, and whether or not they're a decent person. Plus, it is very entertaining to watch.

  • Dancing with the stars is not a compelling show to watch

    It is my opinion that "Dancing with the Stars" is no longer a compelling show to watch. I feel that the numerous seasons of the show have made it a bit to predictable to appeal to new viewers, and that it is becoming harder to find famous stars who actually want to participate.

  • No, Dancing with the Stars is not a compelling show.

    I do not think that Dancing With the Stars is still a compeeling show to watch. I actually never thought it was a compelling show to watch. I think the concept and them of the show is boring. And the stars in it are nevery anybody that people care about. The show should be cancelled.

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