Is D&D a bad game compared to other tabletop RPGs?

  • GURPS is a better alternative.

    It has been my experience that, When playing D&D 5e, The rules simply do not compare in comprehensiveness to GURPS, A system which features a large, Modular ruleset that players can use to tailor the experience to their liking. D&D is only really for one type of game -- dungeon crawling -- and it doesn't even do it that well (HP bloat and caster supremacy are common arguments). It would be different if D&D doubled down on the dungeon crawling aspects that it used to excel at in the past, Like how Call of Cthulhu is for horror games, But players seem to be "inspired" by critical role to play the game in a way that it isn't designed.

    Another aspect of D&D that is downright terrible are the players. Now, It's not necessarily the game's fault for attracting the players it does, But with shows like Critical Roll getting official coverage by D&D's publishers, They're not helping. I'm a firm believer in "gatekeeping, " which has gotten an association with smelly neckbeards in a basement telling others what they can and cannot enjoy. I look at it like this: if someone joins a chess club and they refuse to learn the rules in favor of "their way, " and its dragging the rest of the club down, Then it's best to remove that person. It's the same with tabletop RPGs. Our games have rules, And if you don't want to learn the rules then you shouldn't be allowed to play. A lot of people play D&D like they play Monopoly: they never read the rules because on the surface the rules are simple (you roll dice and want the highest number). As a result, The players learn bad habits and they're not even playing D&D anymore.

    With GURPS, It's different. The game supports a multitude of play styles, From simple to complex, And the books do a great job of "filtering" out players who don't like to read (really, They don't like to actually play) the rules because of its dry presentation. The basic GURPS set is written like a technical manual, There's no setting or characters or anything; there's only rules to fuel the player's own imaginations. The idea is that a player takes the rules and applies them to a setting they would like to play in, Be it a setting that already exists (I've ran Fallout games, Personally) or a setting of their own creation (I'm working on a cyberpunk campaign. Due to this dry nature, Players who aren't interested in playing the game soon drop GURPS in favor of something for the "normies" leaving only people who want to play. There are bad GURPS players who minmax and cause hell, But they're few and far between compared to D&D players.

  • Preference and more then 5e

    I do not not know too much about what GURPS is but i simple say that some people prefer some games to others, Also i feel like you are only refering to 5e which i agree has some very bad ruling system i for one prefer pathfinder (1e) for its more realistic and comprehensive ruling system that does not make 1 playstyle OP and others obsolete.

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