• Rebel = commie

    Uh rebel = commie tuhrfjksdjehritrdkssfcgjifekwdmlcrje i hate hoi4 rebellions like really now i feel vader he just tried to defeat the bloodthirsty communist rebels
    the rebels didnt choose peace they chose war and they were really unpopular (Duh) rsu3ijeuhrijewheurjsa
    like seriously would you support a stable government or a communist bloodthirsty rebellion

  • I am not sure what I would do but I’m going to pick yes and no. I have never seen dark Vader

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  • The rebels sound like commies!

    Taking into consideration that the rebels sounds like hippie commies, I would rather take my chances with the empire, Thus Darth Vader is not that much worse than any "hero" in any history book: Genghis Khan was a brutal mercenary, So where All roman emperors, Napoleon, Even Churchill.
    Besides, Everyone seeking vengeance has my sympathy.

  • He saved Luke

    Darth Vader redeemed himself because he save Luke because the other guy was like shooting lightning cuz I don't know so just stop bullying me please,
    You agree guys 💯% cuz if you don't that's okay so ba da ba ba ba triggered 😂😅💀 Luke I am your father 🎮👾 we like fortnite we like fortnite did I mess up on my sentence me and then I can't even say more stuff
    Chalupa I'm just coming up with food I'm not even coming up with Darth Vader great thing about Star wars anymore I'm getting awkward sorry

  • DARTh vader is the best

    He is the best, Simply cause he is very good inside. . Thats why he always protected his kids in his way and sacrificed himself for them! A great warrior and Jedi! Just misunderstood cause of his passions and human flaws! Yes he became a “villain” but he was a true used victim. . Such tragic story! I love him wish he had a second chance to show his good side again! Darth Vader is star wArs!

  • Don't ignore the prequels.

    I agree with some of the points on the opposing side but some people are ignoring the prequels. . . The whole point of the prequels was to show Anakin Skywalker, A faithful knight of the order and how he was slowly seduced to the dark side by the evil Chancellor Palpatine, The future Emperor. In the phantom menace, He was much like his son Luke Skywalker. He lived on Tatooine and even was talented at pod racing and mechanics. In AoTC and RoTS he is the from Luke in that he cares deeply for his family after his Mother is dead and he sees visions of Padme. Then towards the middle he makes a deal with the devil Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and is anointed as Darth Vader. It is even shown at the end of RoTS he is crying over all the actions he has done, But still continues for the love of his wife. Then after he gets badly burned on Mustafar he has to live with what he has done. Luke gave into the darkness when he defeated Darth Vader in RoTJ after Darth Vader threatened to turn Leia to the dark side. Anakin made a deal with the devil, But Luke did not. Either way they both gave into the darkness at pivotal points in the films.

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  • Everybody deserves a second chance.

    Although "Anakin" killing Younglings may be frowned upon, In the end as "Lord Vader" a lord Sith, A feared being by many, And a god to the sand people, Even though the galaxy feared him, In the end he redeemed himself of his past. Like most would say "You focus on your future and leave the past behind. "

  • In the end, Darth Vader is a hero

    Darth Vader is a hero for the following reasons: He sacrificed himself for luke, he spared luke twice, he turned on Palpatine, he felt guilty about Padme,and he returned to the light side after destroying planets for a living,. Thus I believe Darth Vader is not JUST good, but a true hero.

  • He is a balancer

    He is a balancer. According to jedi code life is unbalanced because of one should be live without passion. He have great passions about life and just because he needs to know dark side of the force. He sacrified himself to give the balance of the force. So he is a balancer of the force he is really a hero.

  • He blew up a planet. Worse than Hitler and Stalin combined.

    See headline. There really isn't much more needed. If Hitler saved his son at the end of WW II by killing his boss, Well Hitler really didn't have a boss, So bad analogy. Let's say Goebles saved his son, Who it turns out was a U. S. Soldier, By killing Hitler, Does that make Goebles a good guy? I say no, But you all have to live with yourselves, So you go ahead and believe what you want.

  • Unredeemable as a character.

    Massacred whole planets, Enslaved others, Let crime run rampant, Killed the jedi/children it's like trying to excuse Hitler just because he was Mentally ill of which no one can. Also him just massacring the jedi temple just because he was told to was really unconvincing. Out of all the things he did the only thing he did good wise was save Luke. He only saved Luck out of his own selfishness which is a Sith trait.

  • Pham Nguyen Hoan My

    I have seen the Star wars series many time and i think that Anakin just good when he was small. In part I, He forgive himself because of the benefits for Obiwan and his master. But when he grow up, I feel like his personality has changed, His mind corrupted.

  • He was ALWAYS bad!

    Darth Vader was always bad. Although Annikin was good, He was weak. His mind was corrupted TOO easily. Anyone with a truly good heart wouldn't turn evil so easily. Yes, He did save Luke in the end. Yes, He sacrificed himself. But adding up all the bad things he did, His good deeds have been outnumbered. Years of slaughtering. Bloodbaths. Betrayal. All he got out of it was hate, And a tragic death.

  • Good and Bad

    I vote that Darth Vader is neither good nor bad. Why? Because not just was he good before his mind was corrupted, But he also sacrificed himself to save Luke. Then again, He did kill a lot of people. Again, I state my opinion. He is not good nor bad. Life isn't just black and white, For there are shades of gray. And Darth Vader isn't evil or good. Maybe you should all rethink.

  • He is one of the most iconic supervillains ever.

    He killed Obi-Wan and children! He is a TERRIBLE person! There is no way he is a good guy! He’s extremely monstrous! If he was a Jedi and not a Sith, he wouldn’t have killed Obi-Wan and children because killing is not the Jedi way! HE IS A BAD GUY!

  • Vader bad he is

    Blinded by his love for padme he was easily seduced by the darkside he was already breaking jedi code by being in love and hiding this secret he admitted to killing the sand people even children and all the jedi even the padawan kids he is a bad jedi this is before Vader so he was a bad guy all the way saving his son didnt make him better he cut his hand off before he saved him even then he ended up betraying everyone he knew he was for sure evil and didnt even care so vader bad anakin bad ..He was the most evil villian in star wars history till kylo.. Shame he had to die though he couldve changed if he had lived.

  • He is horrible

    He KILLED CHILDREN! He abused his wife and killed her. Not Raising His Kids
    Killed His Master Obi-Wan
    Slaughtered Jedi Temple on Mustafar
    Cut Off His Son’s Hand
    Tortured His Daughter Leia
    Let His Daughter’s Home Planet Get Destroyed
    Violently Beat Rush Clovis Out of Jealousy
    Destroyed Several Rebel Squadrons
    Made His Son an Orphan
    Killed Mace Windu
    He destroyed planets

  • One good deed does not redeem a man of a lifetime of wickedness

    Return of the Jedi came out before Revenge of the Sith, so Anakin in his first moments of being Darth Vader was not known to the public. After I watched Revenge of the Sith, I concluded that Vader is beyond redemption. He slaughtered a bunch of younglings, almost strangled his wife to death and almost killed his own mentor. Redemption is not an option for that monster.

  • He is Evil

    Anakin Skywalker was obviously good but with some noticeably flaws early in his life. Obi Wan and Yoda started to notice his impatience and anger in life and quickly predicted what path he could be going down. Anakin slaughtered children and Mace Windu all for his wife. Vader is evil.

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