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  • No way. Wooing is more intricate.

    When you court a person, you have to get to know them and you have to show them that you actually care. When you date, it is just hit or miss. When you date, if you are attracted to the person, you date, and maybe find out it was all a lie. When you attempt to woo a person, your lies will be scrutinized and you have to build a deep feeling of trust.

  • Courtship keeps one from temptation

    With dating, a person gives there heart away a little at a time. With courtship, one fully gives their heart away to one person, not multiple people. Dating comes with many temptations, especially when it comes to compromising one's purity. With courtship, one keeps their purity. Even though it is said that people who date more have longer lasting marriages compared to those who court, I believe anyone can have a long lasting marriage if they contribute wholeheartedly to it. But, they each have pros and cons, so it can depend which is better for people.

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