• Racism comes in many colours

    Using the terms cracker, Whitey, Etc. Is racist. Stereotyping all white people as a group is racist. Assuming all white people are racist is racist. Attacking or mocking white culture is racist. None of it is okay and all of it is offensive. If D. C. ’s “jokes” were delivered by a white person (or any other non-black person) and aimed at black people as a group instead of white people, Then those “jokes” would most certainly be condemned as racist. As long as reverse racism is tolerated and applauded, There will always be a “them and us” culture. In any country. It is way past time to put an end to racist jibes disguised as “jokes”. As long as there are two sets of rules for how racism is tolerated, The malignancy of racism will grow.

  • His comedy is racist.

    Its clear that his agenda is to fight fire with fire. Black people have endured horrible things, And chappelles goal is to return that hate. All he does is widen the divide between races by perpetuating stereotypes of all races. His view of white people is incredibly condescending and insulting. I find it sad that at a time where most people are fighting for unity, "role models" like chappelle continue to seek division and hatred.

  • “I don’t hate anybody. " Are you sure?

    Any one else who says what he did would instantly be called a racist.

    "Thank God for Covid. Someone had to lock these murders whites up and keep em in the house. I don’t know why poor white people don’t like wearing masks. What is the problem? You wear masks at the Klan rally. "

    Funny, Considering he voted for a party that started the KKK and for a guy who takes pictures with one of them.

    He goes on to refer to whites as welfare people and drug addicts, With the punch line “The rest of the country is trying to move forward and these white n***ers keep holding us back. " Adding "What kind of man makes sure he's ok while his friends fight for their lives, And DIE. . . A white man! "

    If people find this funny, I'm happy for them. Hopefully cancel culture is canceled itself, Especially in comedy. Others are, Like me, Not upset with this or any free speech.

  • Dave Chapelle, Proved without a doubt, That he is as racist as Trump.

    2020 SNL Monologue, Was quite clear in showing his generalized and sanctimonious attitude towards the people he labels "white. " Being sanctimonious means he does is in fact feel and acts morally superior. To be a racist, Is to feel superior to others based on race.

    Sorry Dave, You are racist.

  • Sweeping generalizations based on his ignorance

    I’ve been a fan of Mr. Chapelle’s for a while, And consider myself to be a pretty open-minded, Citified white guy with rural roots, But his SNL tirade about white farmers in Ohio complaining about noise and inappropriate language at his shows, Put me off and I feel qualifies at least for the first part of the term, Racist, Which is “prejudiced against or antagonistic toward people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group. ” And I’d also say ‘white farmers’ are most definitely a minority by any reasonable definition of that term.

    I no longer consider this sort of stuff edgy or even particularly interesting. It’s just evidence of an aging comedian who has run out of things to say, Trying to remain relevant in a world that has largely moved on.

  • YES! He is NOT funny!

    Just watched him on SNL--hypocrite, Using racist "jokes" against whites. . . Setting race relations back 50 years! The pouring outcry on racism yet today. . . Where did we get the idea that only white people can be racist? More whites are victims of racism--and more often than blacks.
    Dave Chappelle is getting a free pass.

  • Racism is that which deepens a racial divide or prejudice.

    Race talk is Dave's defining shtick. His way of approaching it, In my view, Further separates people and does no aid to actually help those who are marginalized. To me, He comes off as more of a puppet in a political agenda than someone who can critically analyze the issues in western society. Also, He's a bit pretentious, And to me, Quite overrated as a comedian and not that humorous.

  • No Doubt Chappelle is Racist -

    If everyone is to be equal in this society there cannot be to separate standards. If blackface is racist, Then whiteface is racists. You cannot have one segment of the population set to a higher standard than another sector. Chappelle is a racist and should be barred from performing at any club. Just think he gets paid to demean asians and whites. What do you think would happen if a white or asian did the same.

  • Just another hater

    I used to think this guy was funny, Maybe 30 years ago, But now I don't even bother watching his garbage. He is racist, He is ignorant, He is helping to keep stereotypes from 50 years ago alive. How can anyone move forward with people like this feeding the hate.

  • Bigoted, Mean spirited, No comic motive

    Chapelle misses no opportunity to make racist comments about whites. More importantly, His new material has jokes about actual violence against whites. What a riot! What a way to bring the crowd together in a shared experience of laughter! It's shocking to me that he gets a "pass" on this.

  • Fuck your white privilege

    My dudes, Dave Chapelle pokes fun at white privilege. Hes transphobic and a sack of shit when it comes to victims of sexual abuse but he is not racist. White people are not opressed anywhere other than on a comedy stage. White people have hella privilege, and that's coming from a white woman. Bye with your "people can be racist againsts whites"

  • It's Called Satire

    When you really pay attention to his humor, Chappelle addresses topics such as racism by using stereotypes to make people think about life. He also loves to mine humor using the power of words by turning meanings and uses upside down by presenting them in an unusual context. For example in his "Niggar Family" skit in which it is a spoof of 50's sitcoms which stars a White family with an unfortunate last name find themselves in predictable sitcom situations while other characters make puns and jokes based on their last name. The humor in this skit is based on making people question why they laugh at the N-Word . While it is true that the deeper meaning of the skit may be lost on some people who watch it without understanding who Dave Chappelle is, if you pay close attention to his comedy then you'll see that he wishes to make people uncomfortable and question their societal double standards in regards to the use of language.

  • Not spoken to be offensive

    The fact that he does it for pure humor gives us the idea that it's to be taken lightly. Racist comments are only racist if the comment has the intent to hurt a race/person. Racism is not just feeling that something is hurtful. If it was many different things would be racist, and there would be little humor (being an African man in a diverse city, I hear many jokes but many are poking fun at black culture).

  • He makes fun of everybody

    I don't think Dave Chapelle is racist, yes his jokes may be racist but overall he makes fun of everybody. His sketch as a black white supremacist is a classic. I don't think in any way what so ever his jokes support racism. He pushes the limits and that's what you need to do to be successful in today comedy.

  • Not at all.

    Dave Chapelle has been married for 15 years to a woman named Elaine born in the Philippines. Chapelle's Show was co-created with Neal Brennan (Caucasian) who was one of his best friends back in the days. His private life or act doesn't matter, he's not even close to a racist.

  • Comedians use material from their lives

    No, I do not believe that Dave Chappelle's comedy style is racist. Most comedians use the occurrences in their lives as focal points in their comedy. If this is how his life was presented, then this is his reality. Just as some shows such as Family Guy, poke fun at all races, sexes, and cultures, Dave Chappelle does same thing its just not animated.

  • He is funny.

    No, Dave Chappelle's comedy style is not racist, because it is self-deprecating. Dave Chappelle makes fun of white people, but he makes fun of black people too. His guide for black people and the police is one of the funniest comedy sketches of all time. He is a good comedian and black and white people enjoy his comedy.

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