• Just another hater

    I used to think this guy was funny, Maybe 30 years ago, But now I don't even bother watching his garbage. He is racist, He is ignorant, He is helping to keep stereotypes from 50 years ago alive. How can anyone move forward with people like this feeding the hate.

  • Bigoted, Mean spirited, No comic motive

    Chapelle misses no opportunity to make racist comments about whites. More importantly, His new material has jokes about actual violence against whites. What a riot! What a way to bring the crowd together in a shared experience of laughter! It's shocking to me that he gets a "pass" on this.

  • His Asian impression

    Why is it okay for him or other darker-skinned people to make racist jokes about us, But it's not okay the other way around? I'm sick of racists like Chappelle and Russell Peters that bank on doing racist Asian impressions, And perpetuate the stereotype to the society that it's okay to ridicule Asians, But if I said one thing about black or Indian people, We are instantly labeled racists, And dragged through the streets.

    I'm not white. Not one of my ancestors enslaved or committed genocide of people of any other race. Why tf should I accept this bs double standard?

  • He has always been a racist

    Dave Chappelle is an entitled douche. He was offered 55 million to continue the Dave Chapelle show. Instead, He walked away like a little bitch because fame was "ruining his life". Now he comes back to Netflix and makes $60 million on one show or two specials and is still talking about how unfair and racist white people are in America. In his latest special he makes fun of Asians, Gays or faggots as he calls them, And lets not forget his rant about transgender people. I believe The PC comunity is completely out of control with their ideas about making comedy not offensive. Being offensive can be funny. But Dave Chapelle is less a comedian and more like your racist grandfather who you wish would just keep his ignorant comments to himself. It is ironic that a man that has complained about racism his whole career could make suck racist and homophobic comments himself. Bring back Louis CK and let Dave Chapelle fall off the map again like he did when those awful Caucasians offered him $55 million to continue the Chappelle show.

  • He is racist but honest. That doesn't produce more hate it helps us understand the real issues.

    Minority races don't need special treatment. Like special scholarships. And to treat racism. First we have to respect that its real, Second we have to understand why and third people on both sides the whites and minorities have to make steps to end it, But especially the minority. White people are mostly okay with everything staying the same. It doesn't effect them like it does other races. They have to be made to understand that an injustice against a black person is an injustice against them to. Because allowing human beings to be treated this way allows it to happen to you also.

  • Dave Chapelle’s racist ‘comedy’, VS Roseanne Barr’s racist tweet

    Dave Chappelle (and Chris Rock for that matter) can say ANYTHING, and no one bats an eye. Roseanne Barr wrote a racist tweet, and ABC immediately cancels her show. How is it okay for those guys to s have absolutely NO filter, and get PAID to insult and demean white people, but a WHITE FEMALE comedian does it in a tweet and immediately gets FIRED? REALLY, people, why the double standard?!

  • Of course it is!

    I believe EVERYONE is racist to some degree. Including myself. If you take ANY situation whatsoever and say "this race will behave like this in that situation but that race will behave differently" That's at least some form of racial prejudice no matter how slight. My problem with Mr. Chappelle and society as well is the double standard. Imagine the white equivalent to Dave Chappelle in stand up comedy. For example, DC says that he "doesn't typically get along with poor white people". Imagine the ridicule a white comedian would get for saying he or she "doesn't typically get along with poor black people". The media would label them as racist the very next day and "people" would be outraged and black right's activists would demand a public apology and call for that comedian's boycott as well. You know I'm right too.

  • Most comedians are racist. Their comment is meant to jaw drop the audience to see how far they'll go

    Just because Chappelle may be of color, does not make him any less racist than one who isn't. Perhaps moreso since he has more experience from observation. The most recent comments about the trans community kinda struck a cord with me. I could see why trans people would be singled out and embarrassed for being put on blast like that. Chappelle doesn't understand their culture just like white people don't understand other races. Does it make it ok to point that out and make fun of it. You be the judge. It is comedy after all. Not meant to be taken too deeply but people get offended much more easily these days...

  • Yes he is

    If u can't say it about black people then of course it racist. It time to publicly shame all black racist and stop buying their music, going to their movies and quite buying any sports memorabilia. Take their money and watch their attitude towards white men change over night. I done with those racist, its time to start taking this to the streets and shed light on all the black racist, I'm not paying for something I've never done or been apart, I feel I'm being pushed to the edge and if their b.S. Continues.......

  • The foundation of his comedy is based on separating white and black. That, in its very nature, is racist.

    The foundation of his comedy is based on separating white and black. That, in its very nature, is racist. I've watched his comedy, and know this by experience. I said to myself, if I hear one more joke that has anything to do with black or white people, then I'm ending the show. 5 minutes in, I was ended the show on Netflix. Never again will I watch this racist, so called comedian.

  • Fuck your white privilege

    My dudes, Dave Chapelle pokes fun at white privilege. Hes transphobic and a sack of shit when it comes to victims of sexual abuse but he is not racist. White people are not opressed anywhere other than on a comedy stage. White people have hella privilege, and that's coming from a white woman. Bye with your "people can be racist againsts whites"

  • It's Called Satire

    When you really pay attention to his humor, Chappelle addresses topics such as racism by using stereotypes to make people think about life. He also loves to mine humor using the power of words by turning meanings and uses upside down by presenting them in an unusual context. For example in his "Niggar Family" skit in which it is a spoof of 50's sitcoms which stars a White family with an unfortunate last name find themselves in predictable sitcom situations while other characters make puns and jokes based on their last name. The humor in this skit is based on making people question why they laugh at the N-Word . While it is true that the deeper meaning of the skit may be lost on some people who watch it without understanding who Dave Chappelle is, if you pay close attention to his comedy then you'll see that he wishes to make people uncomfortable and question their societal double standards in regards to the use of language.

  • Not spoken to be offensive

    The fact that he does it for pure humor gives us the idea that it's to be taken lightly. Racist comments are only racist if the comment has the intent to hurt a race/person. Racism is not just feeling that something is hurtful. If it was many different things would be racist, and there would be little humor (being an African man in a diverse city, I hear many jokes but many are poking fun at black culture).

  • He makes fun of everybody

    I don't think Dave Chapelle is racist, yes his jokes may be racist but overall he makes fun of everybody. His sketch as a black white supremacist is a classic. I don't think in any way what so ever his jokes support racism. He pushes the limits and that's what you need to do to be successful in today comedy.

  • Not at all.

    Dave Chapelle has been married for 15 years to a woman named Elaine born in the Philippines. Chapelle's Show was co-created with Neal Brennan (Caucasian) who was one of his best friends back in the days. His private life or act doesn't matter, he's not even close to a racist.

  • Comedians use material from their lives

    No, I do not believe that Dave Chappelle's comedy style is racist. Most comedians use the occurrences in their lives as focal points in their comedy. If this is how his life was presented, then this is his reality. Just as some shows such as Family Guy, poke fun at all races, sexes, and cultures, Dave Chappelle does same thing its just not animated.

  • He is funny.

    No, Dave Chappelle's comedy style is not racist, because it is self-deprecating. Dave Chappelle makes fun of white people, but he makes fun of black people too. His guide for black people and the police is one of the funniest comedy sketches of all time. He is a good comedian and black and white people enjoy his comedy.

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