• The Greatest Ever..

    I can't name any other artist that is as talented and influential in so many different genres as Bowie. This is what makes him the greatest artist of all time. He was an artist that gave more than any other artist, and just required that you listened and learnt. Is there also any artist with a more versatile, and extraordinary vocal range?

  • He absolutely is.

    He's absolutely incredible and even non bowie fans would find something by him that they'd appreciate. The way he stayed relevant throughout the decades was remarkable and his versatility knew no limits. The vocal range on 'Sweet Thing' is ridiculous. Some of the greatest vocals ever recorded. His demise was so sad but as an artist he'll live on for as long as humans walk the earth. Also, his latest offering is heartbreaking and beautiful. It's a narration of his own death. Essential listening.

  • Yes, David Bowie is a music icon.

    Yes, I agree that David Bowie is one of the greatest artists of all time. David Bowie has influenced various artists and has produced countless hits. He has received many awards for his work and his music is still listened to today. He has left a lasting impact on the music community and his music will never be forgotten.

  • He surely is

    Judging by the number of tweets and opinion pieces dedicated to him in the aftermath of his death, it is fair to suggest that very few artists have been able to capture the same level of column inches and news segment minutes for as long as I can remember. From his ability to transcend the world of both music and fashion alone, it is quite clear that he has his place secured in the pantheon of musical greats. He has influenced generations of fans and fellow artists with his flamboyance and willingness to stand out from the 'crowd'.

  • David Bowie is a multi-talented artist deserving of great reconition.

    David Bowie has released over 111 singles, 47 music videos, and numerous albums. He even released an album days before his death. He has been a main stay in pop culture for over 4 decades. His music is played daily on radio stations all over the world, and he has inspired many to make music of their own. He has been idolized by many, and is a household name.

  • Yes, Bowie was a very influential artist

    David Bowie was known for innovation, change, and doing things his own away. He constantly reinvented himself in both looks and music style, and also dabbled in various other artistic pursuits, including movies. He wrote and sang many songs that are in the common cultural consciousness, and played with gender roles and sexuality before it was "popular" to do so.

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