• He was a good leader

    He was a very strong supporting leader and he was very fair!!!!!!
    And he had lots of good qualities
    he got along with united states
    he made important common sense
    he was very calm
    he was very responsible
    he is very confident v
    he does what needs to be done

  • Credible on world stage

    Calm, articulate, personable, reasonable. Delegates the right people to the right roles and trusts them to get on with their jobs. Moves policy goal-posts bit-by-bit rather than lurching in any direction. Pragmatic and not too attached to any big vision that often prove divisive. The heir to Blair, but without pandering to the US that sullied Blair's stewardship. Best PM since Thatcher.

  • Does what needs to be done.

    Comparatively he is a great PM. He makes important common sense decisions even if they are easily attacked e.G (NHS tourism) . However he is still a corrupt leader who supports gchq's spying programming (actually significantly worse than US), and seems to be giving up our sovereignty to the TPP.

  • David Cameron is a good leader

    He has picked us up form Gordan Brown. And made our economy much better got lots more jobs for people. He is very successful Amazing good role model inspection to young politicians. I have finished what I want to say. Ur I can't submit it unless I write this lol

  • Turning Britain's Economy Around

    He's done a better job of managing this country's fiscal deficit and turning our economy during his term than Labour could ever have hoped to have done.
    Putting membership of the European Union to the vote is a big plus as it has caused our country significant problems.
    Huge payouts and uncontrolled immigration and for very little tangible benefit.

  • David Cameron is a good leader.

    David Cameron is a good leader.Although Cameron has his fair share of critics,he has a lot of good qualities.He works well with other people in an international sense.He gets along with the United States as well as countries closer to his region.This is important in an English leader that is successful.

  • He is a nob

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  • No, especially when it comes to opening doors to opportunities

    There has been a rise in illegal immigration, loss of skilled and valued immigrants, fall in the number of International students coming to to UK Universities, rise in the number of sham marriages (and human trafficking as a result), and this is definitely taking Britain back as a result of his anti-immigration rhetoric

  • No, he is a generic modern world leader

    He has graduated from Oxford, a prestigious college. He has been a career politician. And he has had middle of the road public opinion polls throughout his term as Prime Minister. I feel like he has done nothing to distinguish his leadership from any other Prime Minister in recent history.

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