Is David Duke's contention that Jews control the Federal Reserve Bank accurate?

  • It is accurate. A Better question is who owns the fed. 9 Jewish families plus the Rothchilds.

    The Fed is a private entity. That manufactures our money out of thin air and lends it to the government at interest. It is a closed shop, no one else can be a stockholder, thus guaranteeing control of our money supply. Quite a racket. We should manufacture our own money for free. Check out you tube when alan Grayson asks Ben Shalom Bernanke during the 2008 financial crisis where our money went. Bernanke says he doesn;t have to tell. You can guess where the money went. By the way I am not a fan of David Duke, but I am a fan of honesty.

  • It is accurate. The better question is who owns the Fed. 9 Jewish families are the main stockholders with the Rothchilds

    The Fed is not part of the government. It is a private entity that charges our government interest while manufacturing money out of thin air. It is closed to the public. Its quite a racket. I encourage you to check it out on you tube. When Alan Grayson asked Fed chair Ben Shalom Bernanke where our money went during the 2008 crisis he says he doesn't have to say. You can guess where the money went. The Fed needs to be audited and the government should take back the power for the American citizens. If you love this country it has to be done. By the way I'm not a fan of David Duke.

  • No, it's slander.

    David Duke has a very skewed view of the American system, much as Hitler had a skewed view of Germany's situation back in the early 20th century. So his saying that Jews are controlling major systems like the Federal Reserve Bank is a way for him to slander Jewish people and stir up hate. Jewish Americans control as much as other Americans do.

  • David Duke is blinded by his Prejudice

    David Duke has created a fantasy world where those people that he does not like are the sources of all his problems. There are many key positions held by people of Jewish heritage. Claiming that the entire Federal Reserve is under the control of the Jewish community is just beyond reality. The reason most racists or white supremacists never land these important positions is because they are paranoid schizophrenics with delusions that make them too unstable to make accurate decisions. Those people in Federal Reserve positions, Jewish or not, are there because they have proven to someone that they are capable of making rational decisions. Perhaps if David Duke would consider rationality instead of blind prejudice, he might hold such a position.

  • Not Appropriate Regardless

    I do not believe that David Duke's contention that Jews control the Federal Reserve is accurate. Even if it was, its not an appropriate assertion anyway because it truly wouldn't matter. I do not believe it is right to assume that it would be a bad thing if only people who identified as Jewish were heading the Federal Reserve.

  • That's demonstrably wrong

    The Fed is not currently being run by a Jewish person, although it was before. While Jewish people have run the Fed before, this is not because 'Jews run the banking industry', but far more due to many Jews being prominent in the banking industry in recent history - largely because they were not allowed to due many other things before.

  • There are many financial players.

    No, David Duke's contention that Jews control the Federal Reserve Bank is not accurate, because there are many successful financial men and women that have a say in the Federal Reserve Bank. It is true that a large number of them happen to be Jewish, but that is ot a sign of any systemic control.

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Adam2 says2014-06-28T23:29:34.623
David Duke is a confused person. He can't seem to chose between Nordic supremacist (KKK) or Nazis (who were pan-Mediterrenean). One confused loco!

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