Is David Duke's denial of the Holocaust supported by existing evidence?

  • Yes there is

    There is evidence that the supposed gas chambers were never gas chambers. A man called Fred Leuchter built gas chambers for executions for several states. In the 1980s, There was a trial for a man called Ernst Zundel. Zundel had published material which denied the Holocaust for which he was brought up on criminal charges. Zundel hired Leuchter to inspect the gas chambers in Auschwitz. Leuchter inspected the chambers and had several items from Auschwitz tested by a certified lab, Which found no traces of cyanide. Leuchter was accepted as an expert witness by the court and his report concluded that the alleged gas chambers could not have possibly been gas chambers, As they were not sealed and any cyanide would have leaked out killing guards and because there were no trace elements of cyanide. Leuchter has been persecuted ever since.

    The other evidence is that six Jew controlled newspapers between 1915 and 1938 claimed that 6 million Jews had been killed in either Russia or Ukraine or the Baltics or Germany. There is a Youtube video you can Google.

  • No, of course not.

    The Holocaust happened as we know from all sorts of video and written evidence as well as by eye witness accounts of those who did the persecution and of those who survived. So any attempt at denial just serves to pinpoint the bias and crazy mind set of the one who is doing it for his own purposes.

  • He's Just Delusional

    David Duke's denials of the Holocaust are not supported by any real existing evidence. David Duke is someone who is delusion to reality and also doesn't seem to understand that not many people side with him. He may feel he represents American ideals, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

  • David Duke's denial of the Holocaust is not supported by existing evidence.

    David Duke is a known racist and no one in the mainstream pays any attention to his claims. There is abundant evidence that the Holocaust was real. Many people who deny the Holocaust are racists who are seeking to attack the legitimacy of Israel. No one listens to David Duke.

  • David Duke's denial of the Holocaust is not supported by existing evidence.

    David Duke's denial of the Holocaust is not supported by existing evidence. I believe that the Holocaust happened and it was a tragedy for the people that were in those camps. I think that David Duke just wanted some publicity by making remarks that he could not prove. I think he was lying about the whole thing.

  • The Holocaust was evidence.

    No, David Duke's denial of the Holocaust was not supported by existing evidence, because there is clear evidence that the Holocaust happened. David Duke is not credible, because millions of Jews in Europe did not just magically disappear on their own. Mass graves have been found and there are eyewitness accounts. The Holocaust happened.

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