Is David Duke's "racial realism" merely racism under a different name?

  • Yes definitely a racist and too much of a coward to admit it

    I don't see how he could not be. Last time I checked the KKK was an openly racist group that wants to kill all other races. I still don't understand this anti-jew thing. How can you even tell who's Jewish or not they look white to me. Other than the stereotypical depiction of a Jewish person with a big nose how can you tell. Does it matter many Jews in America have been here for 100's of yeas yet he claims they are middle eastern how if they haven't even been there and they look white just like him. He will not win the seat for the senate

  • KKK and Stormfront member, Holocaust denier.

    If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck. David Duke is certainly a racist. His participation in the KKK, Stormfront and other hate groups tells a pretty clear story that he is severely racist. His other indiscretions hardly speak to his character as well. His "racial realism" is just linguistic trickery to convince people that racism is okay. Anyone who denies the Holocaust is racist. It's a documented historical fact, and anyone who disagrees is only fueled by hate.

  • Yes, it is racism.

    David Duke is a man who claims to see the world as it truly is, but what he usually does is to put out theories that reinforce his own views of how the world works. He is an anti Jewish as well as being racially prejudiced towards blacks and other minorities but he is not brave enough to say that he is.

  • David Duke's "racial realism" is merely racism.

    David Duke is known to be a notorious racist and bigot. Everything that he says is reflected through his lens of racist prejudice. The mainstream does not associate with the man because he is known to be so prejudiced. David Duke can talk to his followers, but no one else will listen.

  • For The Most Part

    I believe that what David Duke calls, racial realism is nothing other than racism under a different name. Racism is what it is and some people seem to be blind to it. David Duke is clearly unwilling to admit he has an issue, which boils down to his own problem.

  • He is a racist.

    Yes, David Duke's racial realism is merely racism under a different name, because all of the things that he says are the same racist principles, only with another name. Duke is a racist, and he is not shy about it, he just tries to hide it in terms he considers socially acceptable.

  • It's not racism, but elitism.

    The idea's illustrated in his book don't point to Europeans being superior for the sake of being superior, but based on his "interpretation" of excepted historical facts and ignored studies of the extreme differences between races. His conclusions may be wrong, but the multitude of old and modern studies show there are differences, and we should try to figure out what they mean for society, not bury our head in the sand, simply because the conversation is impolite.

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