Is David Haye going to be the best heavyweight boxer in Britain's history?

  • yes he is

    Yes, i think that this boxer is a man that will soon be the best that Britian has ever seen, since he is the total package with a lot of speed, power, and strength, and he is so good that there is not other place to put him that the top.

  • A tough road

    It makes sense that David Haye would become the best British heavyweight boxer of all time because he has generations of tradition and knowledge to draw upon in his training. Physical training alone has become incredibly efficient and streamlined, and the knowledge of tactics has increased dramatically in recent years.

  • Going To Be? He is!

    Twenty six wins in twenty eight fights. WBC Cruiserweight Champion, WBA Cruiserweight SuperChampion, The Ring Cruiserweight Champion, WBO Cruiserweight Champion, and finally WBA Heavyweight Champion. He is not simply one of the greatest boxers in Britain's history - he is one of the greatest boxers in world history. And in my book - you also have to give him points for sticking to his plan and retiring early - before he has been hit in the head so many times he cannot recall his name.

  • Unlikely due to short career

    David Haye may be one of the most impressive boxers that Britiain has to offer, but his body is not holding up well to the punishment. Recent surgeries have left him all but certainly spending life outside of the boxing ring, and to ignore the pleas of his doctors would be to put himself in grevious harm.

  • David Hayes is not going to be the best heavyweight boxer in Britain's history.

    David Hayes is not going to be the best heavyweight boxer in Britain's history. Although David Hayes has held the heavyweight title in Britain, he only competed in two fights as a heavy weight. So there are not enough heavy weight fights he competed in that can make the argument that Hayes was Britain's best boxer. Hayes also lost to Wladamir Klitscho so his ability as a heavyweight boxer does not look too impressive.

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