Is daylight savings time a good, positive thing?

Asked by: bothsidesguy
  • Sleep in more

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  • I think so.

    DST is good because it adds an hour at the end of the day without REALLY compromising an hour in the morning, due to the fact that it exists in the summer time when the days are long already as it is. I think its good for business and for recreational purposes too. Whether or not it should be in existence for 8 months(as it is now) is up for debate, too.

  • No, it's part of the Obama conspiracy.

    It all links up! We move 1 hour into the future or past. 1 is the number of children that Obama had before having the second one! One plus one is window! A window is what could have separated Franz Ferdinand from getting shot and starting WW1! It all adds up!

  • Daylight Savings: A Negative thing

    I have never really thought about this topic in much detail, I simply just went along with the process because I have been raised on it and there's nothing I can really do about it except maybe move to Arizona (They do not partake in DLS). I believe (correct me if I'm Wrong) that DLS was an idea that was first introduced by Ben Franklin. It was mainly used for farmers so they could get up earlier and it would be light during the winter solstice. Now that new technologies have been introduced into the farming industries, the farmers job has become much more easier and automated which eliminates the amount of time that it takes for them to do their job, this also eliminates the need for DLS.

  • DAY LIGHT saving

    No we should no use daylight saving time because that when myself a kid has to get up a 6:00 am to get ona bus when its freezing cold i say no in my opinion and everyone go like this post i will be posting more and this is the SSD SAVAGE

  • Abolish Daylight Savings Time!

    Daylight savings time was an artificial creation of the government to make people stay awake later and use more electricity. Now that people stay up as long as they want and do what they want, there is no reason for daylight savings time. This only gets people's circadian rhythms unecessarily jumbled.

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