• No more daylight saving

    I completely agree, let the seasons dictate how long the day/sunlight will be.And it already is that way anyway! The time will not affect the duration of daylight. Wish people could understand this, but unfortunately nobody understands what a farce daylight saving is. Too much ignorance abounds! And yes arizona does just fine by staying standard time year round! Unfortunately, where i live, in california there is a measure that will be on the ballot this november called ab 807 to keep daylight saving year round! I will fight this tooth and nail! Please sign and promote my petition, it's on a website called change.Org, my petition is called california, reject ab 807! Here is the link to it,

  • Does it really matter what time the sun sets or rise

    Yes, I believe that daylight savings time is not needed. One way or the other either in the morning or the night, someone will be working in the dark. The changes only last for so long, so why not just leave the time as is and let the seasons dictate when the daylight is or is not. Some states have no daylight savings time, such as Arizona, and their are not negative effects of not changing time.

  • Yes it is.

    Daylight savings time is irrelevant because not everyone uses (just Arizona in the US) and so far I have been fine without it. I find it confusing to try and calculate when the time changes and I still do not understand why it does change in the first place, there is no reason for it.

  • Original Impetus Was to Save Heating Oil

    Benjamin Franklin's idea was brilliant in that Daylight Savings Time saved heating oil supplies 200 years ago. Now, Americans and the rest of the developed world have electrical grids that supply plentiful power 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Modern conveniences obviate Daylight Savings Time. Much like the Electoral College and summer vacation for students, Daylight Savings Time should be gotten rid of altogether as an antiquated tradition that no longer serves a valid purpose in contemporary America.

  • It's for recreation and energy conservation.

    I think that the concept of Daylight Savings Time is still relevant in our modern age. First, it's useful in the sense that it shifts more daylight hours to the evening when people are off work, encouraging them to be outside. Second, it has been demonstrated that DST offers enormous annual energy cost savings.

  • No it is very important

    Day light savings time is not irrelevant. It is very important especially in the summer months. It gives a chance for people to be out doing activities in the summer much later than they could without it. Also Halloween can last longer now that it has been extended till November.

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