• Daylights savings time is routine.

    Daylights savings time will never change. It is something that has occurred forever and will never go away. I do not see why people complain because it should be something that they are used to by now. We either gain an hour of sleep or lose an hour of sleep but for the most part everything remains the same afterwards.

  • No, it is not worthwhile.

    Daylight Savings Time is not worthwhile for many reasons. One, it just flat out confuses people! When families forget to change their clocks, it gets very hectic on a school morning. Also, many people have many clocks in their house, and it is a ton of work to change all of them. Plus, some countries don't even use DST.

  • NO way Bro

    Daylight savings has not been here for ever and is not something that we will get used to. Daylight savings was made in Germany to save power and only much later did we adopt this "daylight savings time" well when we first adopted this the power uses actually went up. As well as studies have shown that crime and death rates have gone up in the week of daylight savings time. If this was really so routine there would not be a change in anything.

  • Daylight Savings Time is Antiquated and Disruptive

    Daylight Savings Time may have made sense when technology to produce light easily and efficiently did not exist, however in modern times Daylight Savings Time is merely a semi-annual disruption that causes people to be late or early, gives everyone a little jet lag and makes things confusing since all regions do not have Daylight Savings Time.

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