• Yes it is.

    Of course DDO is a safe website. There is a risk implied the second that you hook up your computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone to the internet. As long as you take the normal precautions as you would with any other website that you visit, then visiting DDO will be as safe as any other website you visit.

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drafterman says2013-05-22T21:56:08.707
This question is ambiguously worded. You should have simply asked "Is DDO a Safe Site?" The "not" will make any answer vague. Also, what do you mean by Safe?
leojm says2013-05-23T17:08:54.663
Plus Some one already made a topic like this. :/
F-16_Fighting_Falcon says2013-05-26T22:30:28.030
For the most part, DDO is safe. It is moderated by mature individuals and threats to the site's integrity and security are taken care of very quickly and efficiently. The site generally keeps private PMs, passwords, and email addresses safe from hackers and external threats. Site administration is multi-layered. There are many young members on the site, below 18 and most have never complained about feeling unsafe. Swearwords and "questionable" material is not allowed and is usually promptly removed. So, overall yes, it is a safe site.